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By: Carla Calitis | August 25, 2021

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You’ve already played Plant vs. Zombie? Well, you can enjoy again but with the new blockchain technology with Plants vs. Not dead.

Plant vs. Dead is a strategic defense game, where your plants are also real assets. Because it is on the blockchain, each plant is unique and is equally accessible to all through growing seeds. Players can also buy and sell these plants on the market. Free outfielders can also play and win.

How does it work?

concept behind Plant vs. Dead (PVU) will be familiar to most. It offers two aspects: tower defense and farmer simulation. Players who played Plants Vs. Zombies will be at home.

In this game, each plant is unique and can be acquired by growing seeds. seeds will end up turning into a random type of plant that ranges from common to rare. Players can buy and sell these plants on the market – click here.

You can buy plants and seeds with PVU chips. Token PVU is the currency of the game and runs under Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PVU has a total fixed supply of 300M. Players can send PVU tokens to their in-game friends via chat and can also trade NFT assets. Get PVU rewards by participating in all game caras.

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re will be two game caras released in Q4 2021: Survival Mode and Arena Mode. In Survival Mode, each wave of undead has a chance to unleash PVUs as a reward. re is not much information available on this; However, we will keep you updated with any news.

In Arena Mode, players will defend their plants and attack the undead. winner gets token rewards. It is better to play well because the players with the highest position in the ranking will get more important rewards per season.

So what can you do with the game starting today? Currently, users can play in Farm cara, where they can water and grow their plants. Multiplayer enthusiasts don’t just defend plants. You can also summon dead dead or use abilities to gain benefits; in the end, the one who lasts the longest wins the game.

General game information

Source: PVU White Paper

Each round will need a mother tree and eight unique plants. Remember to place your plants in the best position for the best chance of winning. For example, three adjacent fire plants set fire to attack the plants. same goes for other articles. Killing the undead also provides energy. In turn, you can use this energy to upgrade or move the plants.

How to start?

To get started with Plant Vs. Undead, you will need a verified Binance account and a MetaMask account. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into yours Metamask. Buy USDT within Binance. Convert it to BNB and send it to your Metamask.
  2. Go to https://plantvsundead.com/. Get your official PVU Address by clicking on the link that will redirect you Pancake Swap.
  3. Convert yours Token from BNB to PVU using the Pancake Swap. Remember that you will need 5 PVUs to enter Plant vs. Not dead.

How much does it cost to start?

First, let’s analyze how much peso or USD you would need to get started. Let’s say you want to have 10 PVUs. As of today, PVU equals PHP933.96. 20 ($ 18.49). Multiplying 933.96 by 10 will give you 9,339.6 PHP ($ 184.87). So basically you will need to buy BNB with your PHP9.339.6. It’s better to charge a bit more for some gas fees, so we recommend rounding it to at least PHP9,500 to be safe.

  1. To buy plants, go to your market here and log in with your Metamask account. Plants typically cost between 100 and 150 PVU.
  2. Return to the PVU website and click on ‘FARM. “Go back to the farm and you will see the” + “Sign. Click on it to add PVU and convert it to Light Energy or LE (5 PVU = 350 LE)
  3. With your LEs, buy tools like the scarecrow, the water can, and the flower plant. You can buy 100x water with 50 LE and 20x Scarecrow for 20 LE
  4. Enjoy playing!

If you still can’t afford to buy plants, you can buy some tools to water the plants of other homeowners or neighbors. Why would you do this? Well, you earn READ every watering. Remember that giving water and hunting crows to the neighbors has become a daily search.

To find out his future plans for the game, visit his roadmap found in his White Paper. here. E clamber here to start playing. Happy gardening!

Also, don’t forget to always register at P2ENews.com to stay up-to-date on the latest news, leaks, game tips, and updates to play and win.

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