Atmosphere impression Satoshi Radio live show in Tivoli

On Tuesday evening, December 6, the time had finally come. Satoshi Radio’s long-awaited live show took place at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. An evening in which Bart Mol, Bert Slagter and Peter Slagter looked back on a hectic year for bitcoin. A fun meetup took place afterwards. How was it then?

Satoshi Radio in Tivoli

The tickets were sold out a week before the start of the live show. Although most visitors are part of Satoshi Radio’s tight-knit community, this is still worthy of praise in the middle of a bear market. Expectations were therefore high.

The doors opened at 7 pm. Before the live show started, we could have a drink on the sixth floor – at a height of 47 meters – in the cozy Club Nine bar. Unfortunately, you could not pay with bitcoin here. Something that was possible after the show at the Lightning tap, more about that later.

After having a snack among good-humored bitcoiners, we headed for the Cloud Nine room. Three floors higher we reached the hall with wooden cladding, which created a warm atmosphere. Here the guys from Satoshi Radio were already on stage. They kicked off at 8:15 pm.

During the live show, various topics were discussed that left a mark on 2022. The men started with the Terra debacle. In May of this year, the price of the stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) and the associated cryptocurrency Terra (LUNA) collapsed. In retrospect, this turned out to have been the starting signal for the imploding of several lending platforms and exchanges. Bert added that the Grayscale arbitration played a big part in all of this. The recently collapsed BlockFi was also briefly discussed

Of course, the speeches of Jerome Powell, chairman of the US central bank (Fed), could not go unnoticed. In 2022, many people appeared to have followed Powell’s speeches about, among other things, interest rate policy and interest rate expectations, as the number of hands raised in the audience showed. The interlude about the Fed ended on a light note with the Bitcoin Boogie.

Market update by Bert Slagter

Then it was time for Bert’s market update. Is a recession coming our way? What will the price of bitcoin do? Using various graphs and tables, he explained where we are currently in the business cycle. He also pointed to the secular trend for a more zoomed-out view and focus on the long term. It was a fine piece of work and the people in the room responded enthusiastically.

After the market update, the men were still talking about the FTX fiasco, further regulations for Europe in the form of MiCA and the Merge . Then it was time for a quiz. The quiz went very smoothly via Mentimeter with the help of Stijn, the technical man behind the scenes. Afterwards, the winners received a t-shirt from Satoshi Radio with a node on it, an opendime and some stickers.

The last part of the show covered, among other things, the role of bitcoin in the Canadian trucker protest and the war in Ukraine, the somewhat crazy Kanye West, Bitcoin Amsterdam and why many – including the podcast hosts themselves – are so captivated by Bitcoin.

After the show, we went to the bar. Now we could pay for a beer with bitcoin. The Lightning tap – an initiative of the Satoshi Radio community – was set up there and worked excellently. The beer flowed freely, with the caveat that the tap does not (yet) support payments via NFC. Unfortunately, we could not use the NFC card from BL3P ??? Bitonic’s trading platform.

Atmosphere impression

In short, it was an evening to remember. Bart led the two-hour show excellently. With his wit, he made sure that the people in the room kept their attention. He was helped in this by Peter’s puns and jokes. Since Bert sometimes tends to go into depth, it was precisely this dynamic that ensured a pleasant show that went off without a hitch. We will certainly be present at a possible next live show.

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