10 years of Bitonic: Find ‘Hidden Gems’ and win great prizes!

Bitonic, the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands, has started a new promotion: ‘Find the Hidden Gems’. The bitcoin company has been in existence for ten years since May 5, and that is being celebrated with product improvements, innovations and now also a fun treasure hunt.

100 ‘Hidden Gems’ are hidden on the Bitonic website. These can be under logos, pictures, words, letters or even pixels. You can find them by clicking on the places where they are hidden.

The ‘ Gems ‘ are scattered all over the site and some gifts are harder to find than others. The prices therefore also differ and are based on the difficulty of finding. Just like mining: the higher the reward, the higher the difficulty! Be quick because gone = gone!

The prize pool consists of:

– 60x Limited edition 10 year Anniversary embroidered t-shirts (grey or blue)
– 30x Limited edition 10 year Anniversary embroidered hoodies
– 10x a hardware wallet, to choose from Blockstream Jade or Coldcard Mk3

Note: when you have found a hidden gem, you have the choice to refuse the gift in the hope of finding a ‘better’ one. There is a maximum of one gift per person, so choose wisely! After you have claimed a Hidden Gem you will receive the gift within a few weeks. Start searching quickly on Bitonic’s website!

10 years Bitonic

Bitonic exists 10 years – a historical milestone! In the new chapter we are entering, product improvements and innovation are central.

We previously launched a ’10 years of Bitonic’ video and the renewed bitcoin.nl – the educational platform for unlimited bitcoin knowledge. We also implemented the Lightning Network on our exchange BL3P, making bitcoin deposits and withdrawals cheap and lightning fast. Soon also available to the general public. With the ‘Hidden Gems’ campaign we also celebrate our tenth anniversary with our community.

Read more about the history, vision and future of Bitonic on the anniversary page.

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