Phishing attack Ledger wallet

Ledger hardware wallets may be vulnerable to a phishing attack. Ledger reports this on Twitter.

Malware has surfaced that replaces the Ledger Live app, which is required to use the Ledger wallet, with a malicious version of the application. When the Live app is replaced with a fake update, it will ask for the seed. These are the 12 or 24 words with which all private keys can be generated. If these words are entered into this malicious app, the attackers will be able to access the balances present in the wallet.

To date, only one case is known, on a Windows computer. The malware can only replace the app. Credits are therefore safe if you do not give in to filling in the seed words.

Curious about the best way to handle your hardware wallet and keep your funds safe? Ledger gives some tips here.

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