Tower Chest Sale Starts In Two Weeks

Ten Animoca brands announced their first sale of safes for the Tower token project will begin on May 12. y will be selling 6,500 chests, each containing multiple Tower Game Card NFTs. cards are works of art based on the Crazy Defense Heroes franchise, can be used in a future game, and will have some DeFi perks.

To purchase a tower chest, participants must purchase TOWER tokens. y can be won through the Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes mobile games, but it is wiser to buy them on exchanges like Uniswap or Kucoin. TOWER token is currently trading at $ 0.064, an increase of 129% in the last 7 days.

cheapest chest is the bronze one, which sells for 1,800 TOWER tokens. silver chest costs 4,800 TOWERS, while the gold chest will be sold for 12,800 TOWER tokens. »alt =» »width =» 560 ″ height = »254 ″ />

Each tower chest contains 3 NFT tower cards. Players can use these NFTs in an upcoming tower defense game. In addition, they can participate in these assets to obtain passive income paid in TOWER tokens. When you buy this chest in two weeks, you still can’t open it. chest opening will be available at a later date.

Each chest contains 3 cards. items with the best rewards will be Legendary items, which will earn players 27.37 TOWER per day. Legendary cards have a 10% chance of landing on the third card of a silver chest, while they have a 30% chance on the second gold card and a 48% chance on the third gold card.

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Let’s calculate when you bought 3 golden chests

Three gold chests will cost you 37,800 TOWERS, or $ 2,420 at current price. In the worst case, you will receive two common letters and one rare one. It would be 256 TOWERS per month from participation. However, the chance of receiving these low-level cards is quite low, so let’s aim a little higher: 1 rare card and 2 epics for each chest. se cards would generate 1,723 TOWERS per month. However, you can argue that a silver chest will likely generate a similar amount of TOWER for you, although your chances of finding a common card on your first pull are pretty serious.

best pull you could have would be 1 epic and 2 legendary. If you had three chests like this, you would generate 5,665 TOWERS per month. You would earn your money in 7 months. Obviously, the chances of this scenario happening are slim.

Let’s say we bought three chests of gold and got one with the worst pull of all time, a medium, and the luckiest of all time. se three chests would generate 85.85 TOWERS per day, which is equivalent to 2,575 TOWERS per month. It would take approximately 17 months to get your TOWER back through your betting activities.

A little more about TOWER

Animoca Brands is working to transform its free titles, which represent a considerable portion of its revenue, into games to play and win with blockchain. y do this by adding gameplay mechanics to win their games, starting with Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings. TOWER tab is essential for this new ecosystem.

TOWER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. This same token will also be used in a new and upcoming franchise game. Token holders will have voting and governance rights in the direction of the game. In addition, these tokens will be part of decentralized funding initiatives, including participation. However, details on this have yet to be revealed.

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Token owners can use their money to create new NFTs, which are ultimately in-game cards that can be traded between players. se letters have different powers, values ​​and rarities. Last but not least, there will be buy-in tournaments where players can also earn chips.


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