Prince Philip will push for Bitcoin adoption by nation states

Prince Philip of the Serbian and former Yugoslav Royal House of Kara??’or??’evi????? is the new Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Bitcoin startup JAN3. In his new position, he will work to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin by nation states.

The new appointment of the prince was announced at the Bitcoin conference Baltic Honeybadger 2022 in Riga, Latvia and later confirmed through a press release.

?ǣWe are very excited about Prince Philip as JAN3???s CSO,?ǥ said JAN3 CEO Samson Mow in the press release, ?ǣHis unique background, family tradition in statesmanship and finance skills will enable us to high-level conversations and initiatives that would otherwise not be possible.”

The Kara??’or??’evi????? family is the royal family of Serbia and the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The family ruled until the king was deposed by the communists during World War II.

Prince Philip is now the next in line of succession after his 77-year-old father. He previously worked in London in the financial sector, where he focused on financial advice and asset management. He has been living in Serbia with his family since 2020.


The history of the former Yugoslavia has left traces with the prince. “Violations of human rights and freedoms marked the communist era of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,” he writes in the press release . in history.”

?ǣWe need hard money that is immune to inflation, and Bitcoin is the solution as digital gold for the 21st century ,?ǥ he says. ?ǣI am excited to join JAN3 and its mission to accelerate hyperbitcoinization,?ǥ said Prince Philip.

The reason why the world is in such a terrible state is money. People think: ‘Yes, money corrupts’, but actually money itself has been corrupted, and that has to change. Prince Philip, interview with Cointelegraph

Prince Bitcoin

Prince Philip was in the news earlier when it turned out in March that he is a passionate Bitcoiner. He then spoke in a television interview about his interest and vision. “Not crypto, but Bitcoin. It’s only about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is freedom,” he stressed at the time.

The prince seems like an interesting choice as an ambassador for Bitcoin and the startup JAN3. Thanks to his knowledge of the financial sector, as well as the history of the former Yugoslavia, he seems to understand the importance and usefulness of Bitcoin. Moreover, as a member of a European royal family, he enjoys a certain prestige and moves in circles that are inaccessible to others.

The renowned and influential cryptographer Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream and former colleague of Mow, even called Prince Philip the ideal person for the position.


JAN3 is a relatively new Bitcoin company focused on Bitcoin adoption by nation states. The startup is developing the AQUA wallet and NFT marketplace Raretoshi and is also collaborating with El Salvador to provide the infrastructure of ‘Bitcoin City’. The name of the company refers to January 3, the date on which Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin network.

Quote: Cointelegraph interview


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