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Adoption news

  • Vlad Tenev, CEO of the popular commercial app Robin Hood , said cryptocurrencies are critical to the app’s future and that a wallet could be in the works, according to the Business Insider. He added that users can expect a beta version of the new crypto features “at some point,” but did not delve further.
  • 43% of Singaporeans surveyed said they own some form of cryptocurrency, according to a proportion of the Independent Reserve , a cryptocurrency exchange focused on Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, almost 40% of all respondents said that bitcoin (BTC) is an investment good, more than three times the number of those who consider it money.
  • Six percent of US investors surveyed, defined as adults with $ 10,000 or more invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, said they own BTC, up from 2% in 2018, according to the global consulting and analytics firm. Gallup . Ownership increased 10 percentage points to 13% among investors ages 18-49. It’s still minimal among investors age 50 and older – only 3% now say they own it, up from 1% three years ago.

Investment news

  • Digital asset investment products posted outflows for the third consecutive week, reaching $ 28 million, per Coinshare data. Bitcoin has seen the most outflows ($ 24 million), or the largest outflows since mid-June. Ethereum (ETH) also saw outflows totaling $ 7.3 million, although flows were highly mixed between providers with no discernible regional trend, the company said.

png »alt =» Robinhood crypto plans, BTC and ETH investment flows + more news 102 ″ class = »content-img» /> MTD: from the beginning of the month; YTD – since the beginning of the year; AUM – assets under management. Source: CoinShares

  • 100x Business , the venture arm of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX AND Grupo 100x (the holding group for HDR Global Trading Limited , owner of BitMEX), has announced “a significant investment” in Cryptense , the company behind the automation platform of the cryptocurrency trading . unspecified investment will result in further collaboration between 100x Group and, including full integration with the BitMEX platform and other companies in the 100x portfolio for the user base.

Regulatory news

  • Crypto asset platform BlockFi faces regulatory scrutiny in Vermont, making it the fourth state to review the platform’s business caral, according to its website. It claims that regulators have “issued orders,” but does not spell out exactly what the Vermont order says.
  • South Korea’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Fee (FSC) said it has completed consultations with all of the country’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, a process it says will “speed up the process” of platforms applying for operating permits. . After September 24 of this year, all trades must be registered with regulators or they run the risk of closure. advisory process, Yonhap reported, involved testing conducted on computer and security networks with independent contractors hired to provide support. An unidentified exchange executive was quoted as saying that the consultation also involved a “complete review of our company’s management system and anti-money laundering policies.”

Mining news

  • Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Bit Digital and blockchain technology company focused on bitcoin mining Digihost Technology have entered into a second strategic co-mining agreement, under which Digihost will provide power and management services to Bit Digital for the operation of a 100 MW Bitcoin miner over a two-year period, she said. After paying Digihost a competitive rate for energy, Digihost and Bit Digital will enter into a profit sharing agreement based on a fixed distribution formula. miners are expected to be delivered and installed from January 2022.
  • Profitable platform for cryptocurrencies Centigrade (He has confirmed his investment of 54 million dollars in a Bitcoin mining company of zero emission Scientific Core .
  • New Jersey pension fund invested in cryptocurrency mining companies in the last quarter, or $ 3.66 million in Riot blockchain and $ 3.39 million in Digital Stocks Marathon , according to disclosure documents.

DAO News

  • Cryptocurrency trading platform Bybit She said contributed $ 19.3 million to the treasury managed by BitDAO decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) . contribution was made in ethereum (ETH), tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC), and Bybit has promised recurring contributions for the foreseeable future.

Legal news

  • Brazilian police seized BRL 172 million (US $ 33 million) as part of a money laundering investigation conducted through cryptocurrency exchanges. according to an official statement. y carried out six search warrants, after which the Brazilian Judicial Power authorized the freezing of accounts and the seizure of assets of two people and 17 companies.

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