Revenge Cat KCC (RCAT) Token. What is it and how to buy?

In this article we are going to talk about RevengeCat (RCAT) Token, another new shitcoin from the KuCoin (KCC) network, which the truth does not have much information on its website, but which is currently going up.

Today at we are going to give you the information about this token and, most importantly, we are going to explain how to buy it.

Information Tokens:

Cats like ripping and ripping rugs and so do we. We are a self-liquidity building token at KCC with a passion for safety and fun. We burn the LP so you don’t have to worry. Let’s chase that thread together.

Contract address: 0xC73F3Ca99ea08273B56d9Df93dc7c4A8B783E8d5

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

First Auto-LP building token in KCC That’s not a RUG If you like cats, milk, wool and fun, this project is for you. We hope to outperform Bitcoin shortly after the shilling of and Elon Musk’s scream.

How to buy RevengeCat (RCAT) Token, after pre-sale?

Well, it’s time to buy (RCAT) Token and for this the first thing is to have KCS in our Metamask Wallet and be connected to the KuCoin (KCC) network so here is this simple tutorial so that you can do it:

Tutorial to buy through the KuCoin network (KCC) from Metamask.

Well now with our KCS in metamask we have to go to the following link to buy (RCAT) Token with KCS and for this we have to go to the KUCOIN SWAP:

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Contract Address: 0xC73F3Ca99ea08273B56d9Df93dc7c4A8B783E8d5 (In case you do not get the Token directly.)

safest thing is that the token does not appear directly to them, therefore if it is so, they have to give it to continue, as I show them in the following image:

Well, once inside, the token of (RCAT) Token will come out to exchange it, since that link is direct to this token.

We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have our (RCAT) Token in our Metamask Wallet

On that same website we can already see the live price of RevengeCat (RCAT) Token , we just have to go to the menu at the top left and click “PRO”.

Token Live Price:

To see the token price live, you have to go to the token purchase link, hit PRO in the upper left corner and paste the Token contract if it does not come out directly.

Other tokens of the KCC network:






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