Satoshi’s tipping with Lightning Tippin

Tipping fractions of cents for an educational Tweet, or the one that made you laugh so much. This is now possible with the Lightning application

Tippin makes it possible to create your own Lightning receiving interface with a Twitter account. Tippin will receive your username, profile picture and email. By using a generic payment request that can be created via the dashboard, bitcoins can be received via the Lightning network.

As is now known, up to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin, called satoshis, can be sent through this network. Tippin therefore provides the confidential infrastructure to receive these Lightning payments.

Because such small payments are possible, Sergio Abril came up with an additional application for his Tipping service. He put together a browser extension that, in combination with your Tippin account, makes it possible to tip for sent tweets, by using a lightning bolt icon.


Ultimately, the goal will be to make similar applications trustless . At the moment, Tippin keeps the received satoshis for you, and can send them to your own wallet on request. However, it seems to be a nice start for future applications that use the Lightning network.

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