Research: 1.2 million Dutch people own bitcoin

According to research, the number of Dutch people who own a cryptocurrency has increased sharply. Almost 2 million Dutch people now own a cryptocurrency and 1.2 million of them own bitcoin. That is 14% and 9% of the Dutch population respectively.

This is evident from the Cryptocurrency Monitor report from research agency Multiscope. During the study, more than 4000 Dutch people aged 18 and older were questioned.??

According to the research, there are currently an estimated 1.9 million Dutch people who own a cryptocurrency; about 14% of the population. That is more than a million more than in the previous study by Multiscope from 2018

The majority of them own bitcoin: about 1.2 million Dutch people, or 9% of the population.

Bitcoin is clearly the largest crypto coin in the Netherlands. 9% of all Dutch people aged 18 and older own this coin. Cryptocurrency Monitor


More than 70% of the respondents who own a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin are male. They are often between 18 and 34 years old and have a college or university education, with a gross income of between ???????3500 and ???????5500 per month.

Most, about 63% of the cases, indicated that they invest with money from a checking account. About 41% indicated that they use savings for this purpose. The percentage using savings is higher among women and 35 to 49-year-olds, at 49% and 46% respectively. Only 2% of owners invested with borrowed money.


The number of Dutch owners of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is being researched more often, with somewhat differing estimates. For example, according to Multiscope, there were already about 865,000 owners of a cryptocurrency in the Netherlands in 2018, but research by Kantar estimated that at the time at about 580,000.

According to Kantar, the number of Dutch people who own bitcoin or another cryptocurrency was 1.6 million six months ago – slightly lower than the 1.9 million that Multiscope estimates today.

According to various studies, bitcoin is especially popular among millennials. Read more here!

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