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The interest in NFTs seems to be growing. The term ‘NFT’ has even overtaken ‘Crypto’ in terms of keywords on Google. One of the reasons why the non-fungible tokens are becoming more and more popular is the Prime Ape Planet NFT collection . Since the team announced the plans for their NFT collection, interest in this collection has been very high.

The enormous interest is due to the high quality of the NFTs , which you will not easily find with other NFTs that show monkeys. In this article we take a closer look at the collection and the team, but we also look at its future. Several plans have been made, which could be very interesting for investors like you!

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The video below is a global explanation of the project. In this blog we go into much more detail. If you would like to combine image and text, the video below can be useful for you!


What is an NFT?

Before we take a closer look at the Prime Ape Planet collection, I will first briefly explain what an NFT is. NFT stands for non-fungible token , which in Dutch means that the token is irreplaceable. This is because the token is unique, so you cannot simply replace it with another token.

When you send 1 Bitcoin to someone and they later send you 1 Bitcoin, this does not have to be the same Bitcoin. Bitcoin is scarce, so there are few of them. Yet Bitcoin is not unique, because every Bitcoin is seen as the same. Another example of this is bills or coins, but also beer bottles or an A4 paper. These items are therefore fungible.

When something is non-fungible, it means that it is the exact opposite of fungible. It is something unique and cannot be replaced with anything similar. You can think of a ticket for a football match. Each ticket is linked to a unique seat in the stadium. There is only one ticket that belongs to that one seat. Since this blog is about the Prime Ape Planet NFT collection, this collection is of course the ultimate example of an NFT. Each NFT within the collection has unique characteristics, whereby the combination of these characteristics does not occur more than once. Each NFT within the collection is therefore unique.

My colleague Matt has written a very comprehensive explanation of NFTs , which you can find at this link. In addition, at AllesOverCrypto we have many different blogs about NFTs, which you can find in our NFT section. One of them is the top 10 NFT websites, where you can discover websites that can help you further in the world of NFTs.

Prime Ape Planet NFT Collection

The Prime Ape Planet NFT collection is a collection consisting of 7979 unique tokens , which are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The interesting thing about these NFTs is that they are made in 3D . Most collections are made in 2D, which makes this collection immediately stand out. In addition, the collection revolves around monkeys, which are often highly sought after by NFT investors.

This NFT is more than just an image on the internet. The team ensures that the NFT can be useful in several ways. For example, the NFT is an entry ticket to exclusive events and you can also use it in the metaverse . As a result, this collection is more than a new image as a profile picture on social media, but a unique item of very high quality and with actual use.

Mint Prime Ape Planet

On December 28, 2021, it was possible to mint the NFT. This did not fall on deaf ears, as the collection was completely sold out in just over half an hour. The mint price was 0.25 ETH, which does not include the cost of gas fees. The price of Ethereum on that day was around $3,900, making the price without transaction fees about $975.


Artists of Prime Ape Planet

Behind the unique collection are three people named Kurtis Dawe, Travis Smith and Chris Hogstead. We will take a closer look at all three persons. If you want to know more about these people, you can click on their names in the text below. This link will take you to the LinkedIn page of the person in question.

Kurtis Dawe

Kurtis Dawe has worked for several big names in the entertainment industry. Examples include Disney and Marvel, where he has worked on the Lion King, among other things. In addition, chances are you have come across his work in various games, TV shows, movies, books, and exhibitions at some point. Dawe is known within the team as the designer of high-quality animations and 3D graphics.

The Prime Ape Planet NFT collection is Dawe’s first step into the world of non-fungible tokens. As a result, Daw’s artworks can be admired not only through offline exhibitions, but also in the digital world of NFTs. Dawe has been active as a 3D designer and character artist for about 12 years now.

Travis Smith

It’s no surprise that Travis Smith has landed in art. Born into a family of artists, Smith came into contact with art at a young age. In high school, Smith’s works were already noticed, resulting in the first major sales. Like his other two colleagues, Smith is active as a designer.

Smith has worked for Sony, Disney, Marvel, Netflix and many more. His career started in 1999, while he was still in high school. For the gamers among us, chances are you saw Smith’s work years ago. Smith has worked on CounterStrike , perhaps one of the most famous shooting games.

If you would like to see more of Smith’s work, you can click on this link, which will take you to Smith’s website. Here you will find both digital and physical artworks. In addition to the beautiful digital monkeys, Smith also gets along well with physical products.

Chris Hogstead

Chris Hogstead is also someone who has many years of experience in making art. Hogstead’s work on the metaverse extends beyond Prime Ape Planet, as he is also active in visual storytelling and programming. Hogstead has been busy with cameras since he was ten years old, a hobby he now combines with storytelling.

Hogstead has also worked on many projects, which have become a great success worldwide. Chances are you’ve come across his work at some point, as Hogstead has made significant contributions to several films and games. For example, Hogstead worked on Assassin’s Creed and Night at the Museum.


Roadmap: what are the future plans?

The team has created a roadmap, in which the major milestones are divided into 6 steps. Below we will take you through all six steps, explaining each step in a few sentences. If you want to visit the Prime Ape Planet roadmap yourself, this link will take you to the project’s website.

  1. Art To Take The Lead. Due to the high quality, the team wants to conquer the NFT market with their collection(s).
    2. The Prime Apes Start To Conquer The Metaverse. The explanation for this step is quite ambiguous, since with this step they want to encourage people to continue to follow the project, while it has been announced that events will be organized for NFT holders only.
    3. Celebration Day – Giving Back To The Apes. On the day the team unveiled the digital monkeys, it was announced that they will also be donating money. $ 50,000 was donated to an organization that protects the monkeys in the tropical rainforest.
    4. The Reveal Of Legendary Apes. Each NFT collection has a few showpieces within the collection. Prime Ape Planet also has plans to add it to the collection later. These showpieces are called the legendary apes.
    5. Prime Apes Get Equipped For The Metaverse. A Prime Ape is more than just a profile picture, they dive into the metaverse too! This makes it possible to use your NFT in games or other meetups.
    6. More Prime Animals Join The Apes. Since the announcement of the Prime Ape Planet collection, the team receives requests for NFT collections on a daily basis. The monkeys are very popular, but there is a demand from the community for different NFT collections, which are based on different animals. This has resulted in the Prime Kong Planet collection.

Prime Kong Planet

After the great success of Prime Ape Planet, the team is busy with the next launch of an NFT collection. The Prime Kong Planet is an NFT collection, where you can see that it was made by the same makers. Of course monkeys and gorillas look alike, so the resemblance is easily made. However, there are few artists who make animal NFTs in 3D. In addition, you can discover various characteristic features. The image below is a teaser of the collection, which you can compare to the banner of this article.


Prime ape planet social media

You can stay informed about the latest developments regarding Prime Ape Planet and Prime Kong Planet through various social media channels. Below you can discover three social media channels, where the team shares the latest news and developments on a daily basis. You can also go there for giveaways and live streams, where team members show how they make certain works of art!

The social media channel where most people follow Prime Ape Planet is Discord. More than 400,000 people are reached via Discord. This huge number is a very high number even for popular crypto projects. The team is very active on social media, uses good marketing and has a unique concept, which is clearly seen as interesting by a wide audience.

After Discord, Instagram is the most used social media channel when it comes to the amount of Prime Ape Planet followers. About 100,000 followers can receive the latest news about the NFT artists and the art itself every day. Most crypto projects do not see Instagram as their top priority, but Prime Ape Planet shows that there is a large audience on Instagram.

The social media channel used by almost every crypto company is Twitter. Most crypto companies therefore have the most followers on Twitter. However, this does not apply to Prime Ape Planet. Where the team manages to reach more than 400,000 followers via Discord, this number is 70,000 followers on Twitter . A very striking development, where you would think that less people are posting on Twitter. However, the team is also quite active on Twitter. There is a good chance that Discord is so well visited because people want to be whitelisted for the projects.


The Prime Ape Planet collection is an NFT collection that brings innovation to the market. The unique tokens are of very high quality and also in 3D. Because the team consists of very experienced and skilled artists, this greatest result has been achieved. Many traders quickly saw the quality of the project, which has led to a great growth in interest since the start. It is therefore no great surprise that the price of the collection increased enormously after minting. The floor price reached an average price of 3.5 Ethereum very quickly.

The team has big plans for NFTs and this NFT collection. For example, various events will be organized in the future, where you will only have access if you own an NFT. The events will be held both offline and in the metaverse. In addition, you can of course meet like-minded people via Prime Ape Planet’s social media channels, such as the Discord with 400,000 people.

Are you looking for more information about Prime Ape Planet? Or would you like to meet other crypto enthusiasts? In the AllesOverCrypto Facebook group you will find all the answers and you can talk to more than 100,000 other enthusiasts.

Do you have other crypto related questions? The easiest way is to look up your question in our FAQ. What you can also do is that you google your question + AllesOverCrypto. Let us know what you think about the NFT collection Prime Ape Planet and whether you like the Prime Kong Planet better!






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