NFTMARS (MARS) Token What is it, how to buy and price?

In this article we will talk about NFTMARS (MARS) Token, a decentralized platform with games and its token. NFTMARS is based on Binance’s BSC network and it is a very interesting project that has just hit the market and in this article we are going to give you all the information about this token and its platform in Spanish.

We will also explain how to buy MARS Token easily.

What is NFTMARS (MARS) Token?

NFTMARS is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. On the NFTMARS platform, users can create, experience life on Mars, and monetize the content and products they create.

This is your one-stop-shop for land, animals, tools, and cosmetics ranging from the usual NFT to the legendary. NFTMARS has basically all the cool stuff you need to nurture your Mars on Earth plot you’ve always dreamed of.

finite and traversable 3D virtual space in NFTMARS is called LAND, a non-fungible digital asset held on the Binance Smart Chain smart contract. land is divided into parcels of land defined by Cartesian coordinates (x, y). se packages are permanently owned by community members and are purchased with NFTM, the NFTMARS cryptocurrency token. This gives users full control over the environments and applications they create, which can range from static 3D scenes to more interactive applications or games.

Information about the MARS Token and NFTMARS:

What is MARS Token?

MARS is NFTMARS’s fungible BEP-20 cryptocurrency token. MARS is burned, or spent, in exchange for parcels of LAND. For a current summary of critical statistics, such as total and circulating supply, visit our MARS token information transparency panel. See the glossary for more information.

Will I be able to buy other things besides LAND with MARS?

Yes ! In addition to burning MARS in exchange for LAND, users will be able to exchange MARS with other users in exchange for goods and services hosted on Decentraland.

Some gamers have fancy wearables. How can I get them? # Avatar editor offers a great selection of wearables and accessories, all for free. You can also buy exclusive wearables on the NFTMARS Marketplace or earn them by participating in different events.

What do the colors of the collectibles mean?

Each collectible is assigned a rarity category, represented by a different name and color, and denoting the collectible supply.

Its maximum emission is:

Common: 20000

Uncommon: 10,000

Rare: 5000

Epic: 1000

Legendary: 100

Mythic: 10

Unique: 1

Can I claim my Avatar name later?

Yes. Visit the Avatars page to claim it. All you need is a digital wallet installed and at least 100 MARS to record. Another alternative is to buy a name on the NFTMARS Marketplace.

How can I block or report a player?

Click on another player’s avatar to see their card, then click on the tab block to see the options. When blocking a player, you will still see them on the screen, but they will not be able to write to you in the chat window. By reporting a player, you may bring a player’s conduct to the attention of the NFTMARS community.

What is LAND?

LAND is a non-expendable digital asset held on a Binance Smart Chain. EARTH is divided into parcels that are referenced by unique x, y Cartesian coordinates. Each LAND token includes a record of its coordinates, its owner, and a reference to a parcel manifest or content description file that describes and encodes the content that the owner wants to publish on their land.

How big is a TERRENO mosaic?

land plots measure 16 mx 16 m, or 52 ft x 52 ft. Height is restricted based on these limitations.

What is a farm?

Like LAND, an estate is a non-expendable digital asset. A farm is an association of two or more directly adjacent parcels of LAND. se parcels must be directly adjacent and cannot be separated by a road, plaza or any other parcel. By connecting parcels to form farms, you can more easily manage your larger LAND holdings. Farms are especially useful when creating larger scenes that span more than one plot.

How can I buy LAND or farms in Decentraland?

You can visit the NFTMARS Market to explore all the existing LANDS or Parcels for sale. On October 10, 2021, we will hold our first LAND auction, called ?A MARS?

Event, to distribute the first lots of land to the community. auction ended in December 2021 and LAND tokens were distributed to participants.

What does it mean to “own” virtual LAND and how does it work?

LAND within NFTMARS is represented by non-fungible LAND tokens (meaning each one is unique and cannot be replicated) that track ownership on the BSC blockchain. Owning LAND within NFTMARS is similar to owning any other unique crypto asset like CryptoKitties or CryptoPunks, however you will be able to use your LAND

How is the content distributed?

NFTMARS visual, audio and 3D content will be stored on a network of content servers. Anyone can submit a server to join this network, but the community must vote for it. This is handled by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

When you visit NFTMARS, the content necessary to represent your location will be pulled from the content servers. Each LAND token, stored on the BSC blockchain, is associated with a location x, y within the world and is linked to the content of that location.

What tools should I use to start building on NFTMARS?

re are two ways to create 3D content for NFTMARS:

Builder is an easy drag and drop visual tool. You have access to a large library of pre-made unsurts, including interactive unsurts that react to player feedback. You can also import and use your own custom 3D carals.

SDK is for creating scenes by writing code, giving you much more power and flexibility.

Both tools can also be combined. You can create a scene visually with the Constructor, then export it and work with your code to add interactive functionality. You can also use the SDK to create custom smart items and place them using the Builder.

You can use tools such as SketchUp, Blender and Maya to create 3D carals that you can then import into NFTMARS, these carals must be in .gltf or .glb format.

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Will I be able to control who can see the contents of my packages?

Yes. You will be able to control how certain content in your package is served to other users within the NFTMARS platform. For example, you can make 3D carals, images, videos or sound content only visible to a player in NFTMARS after you have sent a payment or fulfilled some other requirement.

Remember, however, that by uploading content to content servers, you are essentially making it publicly available, as content servers are a distributed file system. While we intend to make it possible to limit the way that content is served to players through an NFTMARS client, the content itself will always remain visible on the content servers.

You will be able to control who you can see and interact with (and who can see and interact with you) within NFTMARS. For example, imagine that you have a house on your plot and you only want to invite certain friends to your house. You will be able to specify which players you can see (and which players can see you) inside your house, but you won’t necessarily be able to prevent anyone from seeing your house or its contents, as the assets needed to make your house reside on the content server.

Can I monetize my content?

Yes. You are free to decide whether you will charge other players for accessing your content and how you will implement that charge. NFTMARS is not involved in any way in the monetization of your content and does not guarantee any return, profit or income. success of the platform depends entirely on the effort of the users. Your destiny, your success, and ultimately your journey, depend on you, your efforts, your imagination.

NFTMARS (MARS) Token Distribution:

NFTMARS Token ($ MARS) Incorporation of the concept of buyback in Crypto. Every rise has a fall. So each fall must also have an increase.

You all know a coin that created a path for thousands of coins to follow the path. You have seen coins with passive rewards distributed, automatic liquidity addition, burning the tokens, claiming daily rewards from BNB or lotteries.

Now there is a new protocol called ‘NFTMARS’ on the way based on the repurchase concept

What does buyback mean?

In the stock market environment, Buy-Back means to buy back the shares of a company on the open market, which increases the value of the shares and, in turn, increases the value for the shareholder. People always love companies that advertise buybacks, because they increase demand and create more buying pressure.

Simply put, when companies announce a buyback, their shares go up immediately. NFTMARS takes this concept and brings it to the crypto market.

In the NFTMARS protocol, the coins are bought back on the market, increasing the value of the investor and also sending those tokens to a dead wallet after the buyback, which in turn increases the value of the circulating supply.

Every rise has a fall, so every fall must have a rise too, this is our fundamental principle


8% goes to the buyback tax

3% goes to marketing

4% is distributed among the holders


MarketPlace NFTMARS

  1. Marketplace is the right place to trade and manage all your NFTMARS assets on and off the chain

Visit the Marketplace at

market allows you:

Buy or sell collection NFTs created by people or companies (“Collections”)

Sell ​​LAND parcels and farms, wearables and unique names.

Buy parcels and sifates, wearables and unique names that are for sale.

Transfer ownership of your parcels and farms to another user.

Through a map, find out who owns what, what portable devices exist, and what names are claimed.

2. NFTMARS platform

2.1 Platform is based on the BSC network and allows users to own, buy and sell NFT collectibles created by individuals or companies (“Collections”) through the Marketplace. metadata of the collections generated by NFTMARS is stored in IPFS.

2.2 NFTs are BSC-based tokens that comply with the BEP-721 standard or other similar ‘non-fungible’ token standard. Note that while multiple NFTs refer to a single collection, some NFTs are interchangeable, while other NFTs are not.

2.3 owner of the collection will not own any intellectual property (“IP”) or other rights in any underlying digital artwork referenced by the NFT. For example, when an artist sells a real work of art, such as a painting, the author of the collection (“Creator”) or the artist who worked with the Creator (“Artist”), who generally retains a variety of property rights intellectual and other associated with the underlying digital artwork. Creators or artists may have the ability to enforce their intellectual property rights against users who infringe those rights. Creators generally grant us the necessary licenses to promote their collections for sale and allow secondary trading for each collection. When you buy a collection, you have the option to transfer it elsewhere.

2.4 Give your parcels and buildings a public name and description.

Give other users permission to edit the parcels that you own.

Sell ​​land parcels and real estate, wearables and personal names

3. market

3.1 market consists of a range of smart contracts implemented on the BSC network, accessible directly through any BSC node or indirectly through any compatible BSC wallet application that interacts with the BSC node. Marketplace offers users the ability to buy, sell and transfer collections.

3.2 Since all transactions on the BSC network have gas fees that must be paid in BNB, your account must have at least some BNB to perform any action on the Marketplace.

4. Compatible wallets:

4.1 Users of the Platform must connect a compatible digital wallet (eg MetaMask) to our website to own, buy or sell a collectible on the market. We may update the supported wallet range from time to time at our sole discretion.

5. Access to the platform

By using the Platform, you verify and confirm that:

? You must be at least 18 years of age or of legal age to enter into a contract with NFTMARS (whichever occurs later)

? You are the legal and / or beneficial owner of any cryptocurrency used on the Platform or used to purchase any cryptocurrency.

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? Has not been identified as a Specially Designated Country or is sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury, the United States Department of Commerce or the United States Department of State; and you will not use our website for illegal or illegal activities.

? It does not appear on any of the following lists: Consolidated list of financial sanctions of the European External Action Agency; EU Terrorist List; Countries and territories that do not cooperate with FATF; Federal Office of Terrorist Investigations Most Wanted and Information Search; Bank of England Sanctions List; HM Treasury Sanctions List; List of politically exposed persons; Companies that do not qualify for the World Bank; Consolidated list of the Department of Foreign Relations and Trade.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your device (computer, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device) meets all applicable specifications for accessing and using the Communication.

? At times, we may restrict access to certain functions, parts or content of the Platform, or the Platform as a whole, to registered users. You are responsible for ensuring that all registration information you provide to us is accurate. If you choose or are provided a login identification (such as a username and password or other identifiers) as part of our security procedures, you must keep such information confidential and not disclose it to anyone else. You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your Login ID and you must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use or other security breaches. We reserve the right to disable any login ID at any time.

? You can customize your username. We reserve the right to change your username, for example if it includes offensive language.

6. Join the NFTMARS marketplace as an artist or lesson co-owner outside of our project and sell your NFT

6.1 Complete the following form to register with us: (NOT AVAILABLE)

6.2 As the owner of a Collectible, you may not: copy, modify, edit, or reverse engineer any part of the Collectible, including any images, colors, design, appearance, format, or other characteristics or attributes, use the Collectible as part of other work, including any film, image, audio work or other form of medium, subjecting the Collectible to derogatory treatment, using the Collectible for any commercial purpose, including to advertise or promote any business, product or service, creating any commercial product, as merchandise that characterizes, refers to or compares with the Collectible, uses the Collectible (or the Platform) for any purpose related to hatred, racism, violence, gambling, slavery, bigotry, cruelty , unsolicited promotions or harassment, sales, spam or any purpose that infringes on the rights of others or is unlawful by in any way, protect (or claim to protect) the Collectible with any additional intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents or registered designs, or use the Collectible in any way that is not part of the “Attachment Rights and Permitted Purposes” document of the Collectible.

6.3 You must not remove or conceal any signature of the Creator used to authenticate the Collectible or other information regarding the attribution of the creation or take any steps that may have the effect of misleading others as to the identity of the Creator. You may use the Platform for non-commercial purposes only. We are not responsible for any business loss.

7. Transaction fee:

7.1 creation, purchase, sale or transfer of Collectibles on the Platform is subject to a series of fees and other charges (“Fees”). [All fees will be displayed on the checkout screen before finalizing the transaction.] Fees include the following:

(a) Service fees. All initial [and secondary] purchases made on the Marketplace are subject to a service fee. Service fees are established and payable by the [buyer / seller / creator] to NFTMARS. Service fees may be adjusted from time to time at Ethernity’s sole discretion and will be available on the link.

(b) Commissions. All secondary purchases made on the Marketplace are subject to a commission that the seller pays to the Creator. Commissions are set by the Creator and can range from 0% to 100%, and are allocated between the Creator and the seller. Creator has set the commission to 100%, the Creator will charge 100% of the commission, and the seller will not receive any of the commissions. NFTMARS has no control over secondary purchases made outside of the Marketplace.

(c) Gas rates. All transactions carried out on the Marketplace, including, but not limited to, minting, listing, offering, buying or selling, are facilitated by existing smart contracts on the BSC network. BSC network requires the payment of a transaction fee (a “Gas Fee”) for each transaction on the BSC network and therefore each transaction that takes place on the Platform, including the Marketplace. value of the gas rate changes, often unpredictably, and is completely outside the control of NFTMARS.

Users acknowledge that under no circumstances will a contract, agreement, offer, sale, bid or other transaction on the Market be invalidated, revocable, retractable, or otherwise unenforceable on the basis that the gas rate for the given transaction was unknown, too high. , or otherwise unacceptable to a user. Users also acknowledge and agree that gas is not refundable under any circumstances.

7.2 Fees may be paid or paid in a manner to be determined in the sole discretion of NFTMARS. As of the publication date of the Terms, all Fees must be paid in MARS (NFTMARS token BEP20).

7.3 All transactions made on the Platform are final and non-refundable, except at the sole discretion of NFTMARS or the Creators.

8. NFTMARS Market Cash Flow

Platform provides users with a convenient interface that allows them to interact directly with an underlying blockchain. Platform or NFTMARS do not store or handle fiat money at any time.

Offers and transactions to buy and sell Collectibles are made directly between the buyer and the seller in each case, except where NFTMARS is the initial owner of the Collectible.

9. Role of the NFTMARS Marketplace

9.1 Our role is to provide a platform that allows users to offer and sell Collections directly to each other, transfer land, property, wearable devices or private names in NFTMARS, auction item goods that you create in the virtual world on Mars that creates the builder.

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9.2 We do our best to ensure that all Collectibles are original work and do not infringe upon the rights of third parties. re is no guarantee as to the uniqueness or quality of any Collection. You have no recourse or right against us with respect to the existence of similar or identical works, or in relation to the violation of the rights of third parties.

10. Prohibit use

10.1 Except to the extent expressly provided in these Terms, you may not: ‘cut’ content or store content from the Platform on a server or other storage device connected to a network, or create electronic databases by systematically downloading and storing all the content on the Platform, remove or change any content on the Platform, or attempt to circumvent security or interfere with the operation of the Platform.

normal operation of the Platform or the servers on which it is hosted, or creating a link to the Platform from any other website without prior written consent. However, you can link from a website operated by you, as long as the link is not misleading or misleading and fairly indicates your destination, it does not imply that we endorse you, your website or any product or service you offer,

10.2 You may only use the Platform for lawful purposes, responsibly and in a way that does not damage our name or reputation or that of any affiliate, director or officer of us or any of the Creators. sale of stolen collections, collections taken without authorization, and collections obtained illegally at NFTMARS are prohibited.

NFTMARS reserves the right to terminate, suspend or restrict your access to the Platform if we have a reasonable suspicion that the Collections have been or will be used for any illegal, fraudulent or contrary purpose. which permission.

If you have reason to believe that a Collection included in NFTMARS has been obtained illegally, please contact us immediately. Posting illegally acquired sifates may result in the destruction of your property or the concealment of your collections.

10.3 All rights granted to you under these Terms will cease immediately in the event that you violate any of them and subsequently are unable to use the Platform.

11. Intellectual property rights

11.1. Subject to these Terms, NFTMARS grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, and limited license to use and access the Platform for your own personal, non-commercial use.

11.2. All intellectual property rights to any content on the Platform (including text, graphics, software, photographs and other images, videos, sound, trademarks and logos) are owned by us or by our licensors. Except as expressly set forth herein, nothing in these Terms grants you any rights with respect to any intellectual property owned by us or our licensors and you acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading content from the Platform.

In the event that you print, copy or store pages of the Platform (only as permitted by these terms and conditions), you must ensure that all copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights notices included in the original content.

How and where to buy NFTMARS (MARS) Token?

Next we are going to provide you with a simple tutorial so that you can easily buy NFTMARS (MARS) Token .

Well then I leave you a tutorial on how to buy it, you can buy it through Pancakeswap or, we will do it from pancakeswap and in case you don’t know, we need to have a portfolio either from trustwallet or metamask, in this case I I use metamask.

Here you have a tutorial on how to create a portfolio in metamask:

Once we have our metamask portfolio created, what we have to do is copy our address as indicated with the arrow and put it with the Binance Smart Chain network.


To buy NFTMARS (MARS) Token we are going to need BNB, which is the currency of binance, since this token works through its network. so the first thing will be to register here to enter binance and be able to buy BNB.

Next we have to go buy crypto and we have to select BNB to buy it, in this case I do it with Euros and with a debit or credit card.

Once the bnb are bought, we go to our Binance wallet and we hit SPOT and we go down until we see BNB and we hit “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.

n on the next page that will come out, we have to paste our metamask address and put the BSC network and we would already have the BNB in ​​our metamask portfolio.


first thing will be to go to pancake swap: Pancake

When we get to pancake swap we have to connect our metamask portfolio with the binance smart chain network and then put the NFTMARS (MARS) Token at the bottom, although it should automatically exit, if not paste the following contract in the Token part: 0xb10b0a3b5a970875c36c248fcd3f1acb3622cf3e

In the following image I show you:

Once the token is added, we simply have to put the amount of bnb that we want to exchange for NFTMARS (MARS) Token and voila, it would be bought and in our metamask portfolio.


price of the token can be seen in the following link: Price



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