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Social media has always been an excellent marketing hub for any business. According to research, at least as of 2018 97% lucky 500 companies had tried to use social media in corporate marketing. Crypto projects were also not far behind. Every new coin or crypto project often chooses to have social media pages to attract investors.

However, there are a select number of cryptocurrencies that have proven effective on social media. This guide examines the five most popular cryptocurrencies on social media, starting with Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency.


re is no doubt that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. As the largest of the cryptocurrency family, Bitcoin has gained immense popularity around the world, with millions of investors small and large considering investing in Bitcoin. How popular is Bitcoin?

It is common for many people with little or no knowledge of the world of digital assets to mention Bitcoin when referring to cryptocurrencies. It is believed, based on statistics, that around 2 billion people have heard of Bitcoin at some point and that there are 20.5 million BTC addresses.

re are many Google Ads and Ads that are about bitcoins or are related to bitcoins in some way. In, Bitcoin is the account connected to the cryptocurrency with the largest number of followers, standing at almost 3 million.

Bitcoin is so common that even hackers and criminals use it to scam people. Remember in 2020 when hackers attacked and chose to use Bitcoin to scam people.


Dogecoin is the second most popular crypto asset on the social media platform. This coin was launched as a meme coin, with the aim of gaining a valuable advantage from a social media presence. However, due to its playful nature, Dogecoin has no real use cases, but it is very popular.

How popular is Dogecoin in terms of numbers? Compared to all other meme coins, Dogecoin is the number one most popular meme coin. Dogecoin has over 1.9 million followers looking at its Dogecoin-related page and hashtags have been widely used.

One of the main things that drives the popularity of Dogecoin is the influence of Elon Musk. Recently, Elon Musk posted a series of tweets about Dogecoin, prompting an increase in the number of investors and a sudden increase in the value of the coin.

However, the popularity of Dogecoin is currently due to the recent price crash, around 19 cents. coin still ranks number 2 as the second most popular cryptocurrency.


Ethereum should rank as the third most popular cryptocurrency on social media today. Ethereum has provided excellent services especially related to the world of decentralized finance. host’s blockchain allows other projects to launch their own services and products by leveraging the capabilities of the smart contract. How popular is Ethereum?

Being the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum has been widely used by many globally and is always considered second only to Bitcoin. Also, Ethereum has approx. 1.4 million followers in, third best number of followers in.

Many things are making Ethereum popular in cryptocurrencies. First of all, Ethereum has been at the forefront in providing Defi-related services, including hosting, sharing, farming, and other NFT-related Dapps.

Another thing that has increased the popularity of Ethereum is the high gas fees. re have been complaints on all social networks with hashtags like #gasfees and #gwei running.

Shiba Inu Coin

Another cryptocurrency that is taking social media by storm is the Shiba Coin. Shiba is a meme coin and also a token that helps manage the Shiba exchange. network launched in August 2020, but has made excellent progress.

Like Dogecoin, Shiba’s popularity on social media stems from its nature as a meme currency. re is a lot of pressure caused by Elon Musk, which has led the Shibu coin to wide adoption and popularity. How popular is Shiba?

No more Shiba Inu 750k followers coin linked page as of the writing date. Also, there are hashtags like #SHIBARMY, #resistance is useless, #ShibaSwap, and ShibaCoin, currently trending on.


Gimbal is ranked fifth, and the truth is that of all the crypto assets mentioned above, Cardano is the only one trending for the right reasons. Cardano’s community is possibly the liveliest in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Cardano ranks fifth among the most popular crypto assets because the coin has over 700k followers on the community page. Another called the Cardano Foundation has over 500k followers. Recently, cryptocurrency enthusiasts on social media are placing Cardano on many other investment opportunity platforms.

What makes Cardano such a popular asset today? ADA is one of the cryptocurrencies that is very focused on introducing real use cases. For this reason, millions of investors have recently taken an interest in the coin. Cardano is considered by many to be one of the best potential investments.

Final word

After examining the world of cryptocurrencies and the most popular crypto assets, it is quite clear that the above-mentioned currencies are the best known on social media today. Bitcoin, for example, has been the most popular crypto asset on social media for more than a decade. However, due to the number of followers of Dogecoin, this coin ranked second.

Ethereum is also a very popular crypto asset and its connection to the Defi world has made it a predominant currency. Others like Shiba coin and Cardano are well placed on this list due to their immense acceptance on social media, as evidenced by the hashtags used.

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