Makes Blockchain and the Environment Thrive Together

environment was never a basic design parameter for Bitcoin. Today, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a parallel global financial system, and Popcorn is working to make the new decentralized financial system environmentally friendly.

Popcorn is undoubtedly facing a problem that has made proof-of-work platforms a victim of its own success. In the early days, proof-of-stake platforms may not be taken seriously.

Where would the shortage come from?

Now, we understand that the global financial system is under great pressure, and the events of 2020 demonstrate how far central banks and governments will go to destroy the value of fiat currency.

However, it is vital that decentralization is environmentally responsible and takes into account the health of the planet.

Popcorn has a responsible vision

Popcorn understands that there are many different types of investors in crypto.

Some smaller investors may be young people with few assets, and there are also institutional investors seeking refuge amid the fiat firestorm.

carbon cost of cryptocurrencies needs to be mitigated, just as it needs to be addressed across nations and industries. Fortunately, the crypto community has a very conscious and active development community, and the result is projects like Popcorn.

According to the company, he is “enthusiastically philanthropic.”

team has, in essence, a two-part business caral (company information):

  • Attract as many investors as possible by promoting carbon neutral trading (for those who care) and the opportunity to earn high returns (for those who don’t).
  • Use the proceeds to fund Popcorn’s decentralized social impact program, where the community can nominate, vote, and award grants to worthy causes. se causes focus on key issues important to the wider community, including environmental, open source, and educational initiatives.

two-part caral can best be summed up by Popcorn’s mantra: do it well, do it well.

A green path to decentralization

Popcorn seems to understand that if change is to be feasible, it has to be attractive. team behind the platform has created a great set of features.

Let’s take a look at what Popcorn does:

Smart contracts

Popcorn smart contracts are versatile and add value through several key features, such as GrantElections, which control how grants are voted, and GrantRegistry, where grants and recipient information are stored.

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If organizations want to be considered for a grant and submit an application, they can use the Recipient Registration feature, which is also a place to store their information.

On top of that, the BeneficiaryVaults feature is where grant recipients can safeguard their funds.

Here is a short list of these (company) characteristics:

  • GrantElections – governs the grant voting process
  • Staking – allows POP holders to stake their tokens and participate in governance
  • GrantRegistry – Grant and recipient information is stored here
  • Recipient Record: Organizations that wish to be considered for a grant apply and their information is stored here.
  • FeeDistribution: fees generated by the various DeFi products are sent to this contract, and the funds are distributed according to open grants, treasury, and token bettors.
  • BeneficiaryVaults – Grant Recipients Claim ir Funds With This Contract

Effective altruism

Popcorn is leading the way in developing a new solution for crypto investors with partners like Dragonfly’s SBF, Vitalik, and Haseeb.

While investors have the option to choose from a variety of potential projects, the company believes that many will be inspired to participate in initiatives that provide a high rate of return while contributing to the social good and reducing carbon emissions.

Social Impact Grant Program

Interested POP holders can participate in the governance of the social impact program.

y can identify potential recipients, vote on grant recipients, and work to ensure that the money is used to make significant improvements in the environment, education, open source, and other areas.

This initiative will receive a significant amount of revenue, and it is expected that between 20 and 50 percent of the fees will go to the grant program.

Popcorn’s whitepaper addresses a number of crucial issues to ensure that nomination, voting, and other vital network processes are as fair as possible.

Attacks, bribery, and Sybil’s cooperation have been prevented in order to have an effective system.

It will accomplish this through various means, including on-chain voting via BrightID, as well as through the use of zero-knowledge cryptographic schemes.

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history of popcorn

Popcorn was developed in January 2021 to address critical challenges and possibilities. fact that almost no DeFi company dedicates a percentage of profits to social impact was a factor that prompted the founders to take action.

Although notable initiatives such as Binance and FTX give gifts, these sums are carast compared to the money generated by these exchanges. Instead, the creators concluded that the best way to make a difference in the world was to design for it.

y established a non-profit organization, developed a caral to account for and offset carbon emissions, and used the net proceeds for social change.

y also built a well-researched and balanced methodology to allow the power of giving to be decentralized and driven by the community, rather than selecting recipients themselves.

Making great progress

To enhance the DeFi idea for everyone, Popcorn has gone through several notable milestones to magnify the team’s core objective on social impact within the DeFi world.

team owned a total of $ 1.5 million raised from venture capitalists and strategic angel investors.

Importantly, in order to receive clearer terms from investor-aware DeFi, there are significant achievements the team has accomplished, such as becoming a signatory to the Crypto-Climate Agreement, winning the Optimism award from ETH Global, and the Chainlink Hackathon ConsenSys Codefi award. .

For long-term development, Popcorn is in the process of finalizing an agreement with to become the first carbon-neutral DeFi asset management protocol, as well as heading to Switzerland to establish the Popcorn Foundation.

Popcorn Value Proposition

Popcorn has created a line of performance-generating DeFi products to ensure that B2C entities are obligated to invest and participate in the platform.

It has created a unique and attractive offering that will appeal to investors looking for carbon neutral solutions or a way to give back to the community.

Smart contracts that automate various yield generation techniques, including claiming, betting, replenishing, leveraging, and trading cryptocurrencies, are included in Popcorn’s service.

Users can save time, pay lower transaction costs, and earn money without having to understand the encryption strategy.

By having the governance token of POP – Popcorn, holders will be able to participate in the greater mission of social good.

Holders can vote and nominate organizations that contribute to important social issues like the environment, education, open source, and more.

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se individuals are chosen by the POP holder community and can receive funding to assist them in their endeavors.

A platform that works for everyone

Popcorn can work with these social impact organizations by applying to become a grantee, allowing the community to nominate and vote for a group to receive grants.

Anyone who has been interested in cryptocurrencies but has yet to launch could benefit from this platform.

It wants to attract crypto investors of all experience levels who are passionate about promoting a carbon neutral footprint and contributing to the common good with the desire to obtain returns from responsible investment.

If you want to follow the popcorn, check out their website, Github, and Linkedin!

More than popcorn

Popcorn team will create a social impact index token and an ESG DeFi token in the future, and will enter the Polygon and Solana ecosystems.

It will evolve into a full DEX, as well as a loan and yield generation protocol.

Additionally, the platform will use Wyre or Coinbase as an entry / exit ramp for fiat users, and plans to establish links with Giving Block to help NGOs accept cryptocurrency donations.

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