“Metaverse NFTs are one of the most beautiful fruits of the blockchain,” says Jean Feier.

BeinCrypto spoke with Jean Feier, co-founder of MetaGameHub (MGH), the DAO, the NFT metaverse, and fair investing.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are extremely well known, especially in the crypto community. However, the next stage in this tokenized universe is becoming a hot topic. This next step is the metaverse.

For Feier, NFTs in different metaverses are an opportunity for accessibility and diversity in this growing and future space.

MetaGameHub is all about this kind of diversification. Its base is a shared community based on a pool of NFT tokens. MGH DAO members can access this token.

Its value is periodically rebalanced based on the value of each asset in the group relative to the group of tokens.

Through this group, MGH and Feier aim to provide members with access to metaverse investments, such as virtual real estate, through NFT.

Turn the dust to gold

For Feier, finding his way to blockchain technology meant opening a world of possibilities without intermediaries, it is about agency.

“I am an immigrant child and I have seen my mother turn dust into gold and gold into an inheritance for my little brother and myself on various continents. I know how much he fought. re was so much resistance with every step forward. He had to overcome obstacles and deal with various authorities. way they spoke to him was as if his very existence required a lot of tolerance. No matter where he went, there was always a ‘middle man’, ”he explains.

“Being at the mercy of people’s goodness doesn’t always work. It has always been clear to me that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, live independently and creatively. I wanted more strength to explore new heights. How much energy is wasted keeping outdated systems and soul-destroying ideologies alive?

When he discovered blockchain technology, Feier says he was excited about the possibilities this technology could offer.

“Transparency and automation were the highlights for me. If we have the knowledge, we also have the power. And when we have the power, nothing will stop us, right? blockchain is the key to a stronger new world.

In his work as part of MGH, Feier is examining NFTs not only as siled tokens, but also their role as part of the larger metaverse.

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“Now, in my first project, the reason I was really excited is that I see the metaverse as another level, another step into the future. Virtual real estate mirrors “real” real estate, “he explains.

However, because it is a step into the future, it is not even a new concept.

“You can heal a life and everything related to it. Virtual spaces are not new concepts. You’ve been here in the form of television, video games, and social media, ”he says.

“Being actively involved with the mind without having an actual physical presence goes far beyond being haunted by television shows. ability to imagine another world through the words of books, poetry and music brought us here ”.

However, the difference from the metaverse is that it provides the space in which to connect in the virtual world.

“ different platforms are very successful because people want to connect even when they are not together. metaverse gives them the virtual property to do it, “he explains.

“It will also change the way people shop. Many big players are losing and losing the culture change, just as companies lost their place when e-commerce began to take over and failed to develop an e-commerce strategy, “he says.

“ value generated by the metaverse must be available to anyone who wants to be part of Web 3.0. se are the kinds of opportunities to make it more possible for people like my mother, like me.

“Participation should not require a large investment”

However, for Feier, access and participation of people is a key unsurt that he deals with.

“Accessibility is a big problem for us. We work with people who find their way into this new world. Because it is a new world and it is emerging rapidly.

While the metaverse is a virtual reflection that simulates normal real estate, for Feier that doesn’t mean that it should also reflect some of the real-world barriers.

“Participation shouldn’t require huge investments, especially with all the technology we have access to. I think the questions should always be: how can we ensure that more people have access to the value of this strong industry? How can we ensure that people are better protected? And how not to leave out the experts? «

This is where MGH DAO comes in. According to Feier, the MGH ecosystem allows a unified management of the NFT group. This, in turn, allows different people to work together.

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“I want a future where everyone knows about blockchain as much as credit or debit cards and online shopping. This should be our goal. re are already families that finance themselves through their involvement in the metaverse, ”he explains.

“It’s not just about artistic NFTs. We have to think big. Metaverse NFTs are one of the most beautiful fruits of the blockchain. This can change the reality of many people ”.

For Feier, those who want to participate and those who already participate in this space must see the benefits of the communities they are building.

“ industry is growing and we want newcomers and newcomers alike to change the way they participate in this increase in value. It is important to build a community around projects for the world. We want real people to understand and get involved, “he says.

“This new technology is important: find out. se are small steps that will help you understand the potential of our future. Traveling back in time has never been so easy «.


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