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Bitcoin is decentralized and that means that everyone does their own thing independently. There are therefore all kinds of fun initiatives that are worth highlighting on Such as, an accessible podcast with practical tips about Bitcoin in clear language.

Wallets, blockchain, privacy, transactions and the Lightning Network; just a sampling of the topics you can learn about at Getting Started Getting Started With Bitcoin is an educational podcast with short segments of a few minutes each that both beginners and more experienced Bitcoiners can learn from.

Starting with Bitcoin originated as a passion project of an (anonymous) Dutch Bitcoin veteran who has been working with Bitcoin since 2011. The podcast is intended as a reference work and already has 28 episodes, including six about the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

The podcast covers various topics that are divided into short, bite-sized chunks of a few minutes each, which can be listened to individually via a podcast player or the website. In the beginning, the podcast focuses on basic concepts such as scarcity and wallet choice, but then it quickly goes into more depth. Even then, the threshold is low enough so that everyone can learn from it.

Since each topic is treated separately, it is quite easy to purposefully absorb information about what is relevant to you. An overview of all subjects can be found on the right side of the website. From the fifth episode, the sound quality has been improved.

New episodes appear regularly, but without a fixed pattern. When there are new things to discuss, a new episode will be released.

How to listen?

For those who already listen to other podcasts ( such as The Bitcoin Show ), the podcast is easy to find. For example via PocketCast, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

If you don’t use a podcast player yet, it is also possible to simply listen to the episodes via the website.

Community and Telegram

There is a Beginnerwithbitcoin community on Telegram with 200 listeners where you can go with (beginner) questions. You can also follow the Twitter account @beginnenbitcoin to stay informed of new episodes.

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