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If you want, you can link an ethereum mainnet wallet to your account. This is useful if you have a Neon District Key or a Degen Trophy and want it to be visible for the game. All assets purchased from the portal will be stored in your assigned matic wallet linked to your account, but the assets will be transferable to your mainnet wallet using the transfer button and paying the gas fee if you decide to do so. To link your wallet, click on the profile button in the upper right corner.

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From here, click on the portfolios tab to view your portfolios. IF you have not linked a wallet before, you will only see the custodial matic wallet assigned to your account.

From here, click on connect new wallet from a web3-enabled browser and sign the message that appears to link your wallet. This will automatically check for Neon District keys or trophies and apply corresponding bonuses to Gear Crate purchases.

Neon District Guide Buy neon

To purchase Gear Crates, you will first need to obtain Neon, the in-game currency for the Neon District. To do this, click on the top right box that says BUY NEON

From here, you will be presented with options of how much neon you would like to buy. You can pay by credit card or ETH (using a connected web3-enabled wallet). Once you have completed the payment process, you will now have NEON on your account.

Neon District Guide: Equipment Purchase

Now that you have NEON, you’ll want to use it to buy some gear to equip your character with. To do this, click the GET GEAR button on the dashboard.

Each loot box costs 500 NEON and will give you 4 random items of common Legendary rarity as defined in the Loot Rates table at the bottom. ( loot rate table can be improved based on the key or trophy level you own in a linked wallet.) Click a button to see how many boxes you would like to buy or enter a custom quantity at the top. You will be prompted to buy more NEON if you select an amount greater than the amount of NEON you currently own.

Click BUY BOXES in the upper right corner once you have chosen the quantity you want to buy

You will now see what each box contains on the next page. If you bought more than one box, you can click Open Next in the upper right corner to open them one at a time, or click View All to see them all at once.

Neon District Guide: Buying Characters

Characters are what you will equip this gear for. Each player receives a free starting character on their account, so you can proceed to the next section if you don’t plan to buy more characters for now. To get an additional character, click the GET CHARACTERS button on the board

Characters cost 100 NEON each and there are 6 different types to choose from. A generic description of each with their strengths and weaknesses is provided in the menu. You can toggle between male and female appearance by clicking the gender toggle button above the character image. Gender can be changed after purchase, so don’t worry about what switch is set before purchase.

Once purchased, you will be presented with a success message. From here you can buy another character using the upper right button or continue managing the character.

Neon District Guide: How do I equip my character?

Now that you have gear and a character, you can start composing your character. To do this, click on the level up button on the character board.

Choose one of your characters that you want to equip.

On this page you can see that our character is currently at level 1 and you can see all his current STAT and CARD. Clicking the Bio button will display the currently equipped items, name, and gender. (An update soon will allow players to name the character and change the gender.) To add equipment, click the equip button at the top.

From here, you can click on the type of equipment you would like to equip in the upper right (head, body, arms, legs, weapon) and all the equipment you have available to equip will be displayed below.

Now your final character has been equipped with equipment.

Neon District Guide: How do I level up my character and gear?

Now that you have assembled your first character, you can now start leveling up the character or his team using Juice or Parts. Every new account gets 10 free juices to start, which is enough to level up a character to level 4. To get extra juices or parts, go to the board and click the BUY JUICE or BUY PARTS button.

From this page, select the amount of juice / pieces you would like to purchase and check the transaction as long as you have enough neon.

Now that you have Juice / Parts, you can start leveling up your characters and gear. To level up your character, click the level up button on the character control panel.

Select the character you want to improve.

On this screen you can level up your character by clicking on the LEVEL button (shows required juice cost below to upgrade)

You will be asked to confirm the leveling process on the next page as long as you have enough juice. NOTE: re is no going back in this update once you click this button.

Now that you have started the leveling process, you will be presented with 3 randomly selected upgrade options for your character to upgrade to either STAT or CARD. se have been blocked from the update process, so restarting the process will not re-record what you received. You will have the opportunity to review your selection on the next page before finalizing your selection and may return if necessary.

If you choose a STAT update, you will be taken to the final review page where you will see the changes to your character’s statistics and you will be asked to confirm these changes as they will be permanent once you press Finish.

Otherwise, if you choose a CARD upgrade, you will first be prompted to choose which card to exchange it with from the 10 currently assigned to your character before going to the review page.

Once you are satisfied with your selection of update, click the checkbox at the bottom to confirm that you have read the review and then click finish in the upper right to make this update permanent.

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