Digital Names Are Powering Internet Blockchain And Digital Wallets

By Aratrika Dutta Jul 22, 2021

A thorough understanding of legacy problems and solutions is required to predict financial trends and technological progress in a given market.

re is a lot of gossip in the financial media providing airy and successful forecasts for people to see. It is a completely different thing to predict it and to bet it accurately.

In early 2020, when it was hovering around $ 250 billion, Thomas Carter publicly predicted that the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies would increase. This kind of prediction wasn’t a reckless effort to get more people to tune in for sponsors to pay. Instead, it was the result of an effective thought process that saw the problems traditional markets face and how cryptocurrencies would be the solution people would turn to at the time.

same predictive approach that Carter has taken to the investment world. Viewing traditional systems as inefficient and technologically immobile, Thomas founded DealBox and put himself at the forefront of the smart securities revolution by creating an advanced digital securities issuance and investment platform using a biddable token technology built on top of the protocol. Tezos blockchain (XTZ). DealBox offers users and investors an elegant and thoughtful approach to being first in line.

Thomas Carter is now betting on something he considers more efficient than anything he’s been a part of in his last 30 years in FinTech, namely digital names. Digital Names has developed a technology to convert the wallet’s complex 30-50 character public key into a human-readable and easy-to-remember format. What digital names do for e-wallets that send or receive any cryptocurrency is similar to what domain names did for the expansion of websites on the Internet in the 1990s.

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You can eliminate the problem of long cryptographic keys that are impossible to remember and scary to use during high value transactions and instead you can simply use names like and get to your desired destination. Thomas Carter, the only person who correctly predicts the trillion dollar market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, says: “DigitalNames is in the first position to help drive the widespread adoption of internet blockchain and digital wallets and this is one of the opportunities. most interesting investments that we have “never seen”.

According to Carter, this sector will be larger than the domain name services sector, which currently makes about $ 6 billion a year. current success of digital names is due to their applications that go beyond cryptocurrencies. It provides solutions to real problems not only for cryptocurrency users, but also for anyone who uses a digital wallet.

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