You don’t have to have a whole bitcoin; a little is also possible

One bitcoin is now very expensive and that gives some the impression that investing in bitcoin only makes sense if you are already rich. That is not the case, because you do not need to own a whole bitcoin. Most people don’t own a whole bitcoin. In principle, you can choose how much you want to invest in bitcoin and it ‘works’ from any amount: think in percentages, not euros.

If bitcoin is something new to you, you will soon notice: one bitcoin nowadays costs around ??30,000. That is a lot of money and it seems unaffordable to normal people. Some people think that they have missed the proverbial boat and that investing in bitcoin today – at least for them – is unfeasible or of no use. That is not true.

Most people don’t own a whole bitcoin

Most people who own bitcoin do not have whole bitcoin, but a smaller amount. Bitcoins are divisible to eight decimal places and the smallest amount you can own is 0.00000001 BTC, or 1 satoshi . At the time of writing, that is worth approximately ???????0.00026 euros. You do not have to immediately buy a whole bitcoin and you can choose the amount you want to invest. That can be a large amount, but an amount of, for example, ???????10, ???????50 or ???????100 euros is also possible. On you can read how much ‘sats’ is worth one euro.

Most people will also never own a whole bitcoin. After all, that is mathematically impossible because there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins, while the world has almost 8 billion people. Bitcoins are therefore very rare. Globally, never more than 21 million people can own a whole bitcoin.

At least in theory, because the actual number is likely to be much lower. Many bitcoins have been lost over time and some people own more than one (sometimes much more). Probably, therefore, far fewer than 21 million people will be able to own a whole bitcoin (or more). For some Bitcoiners, owning an entire bitcoin is therefore a kind of ‘holy grail’, which they sometimes work towards for years. Due to absolute scarcity, only a small number of them will be successful in their endeavor.

Bitcoin works from any amount

However, you do not need to have a whole bitcoin, because bitcoin ‘works’ from any amount. It is perhaps best to look at it in percentages: if you own a bit of bitcoin worth ??10 and the price of a bitcoin doubles, the value of your bit of bitcoin will also double to ??20. If the price of bitcoin drops by half, the value of the amount of bitcoin you own will drop by the same percentage.

Proportionally, the effect is therefore the same and it is entirely up to you how much you want to invest (and risk). That can be a high, but also a low amount. Everyone must make their own risk assessment in this regard.

Most people today start with a relatively low amount. Unless you are very rich, that is probably also advisable, because nobody knows exactly what the future holds for Bitcoin. Investing in bitcoin is still risky and most people who own bitcoin therefore do not invest all their money, but only a part.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

More and more people do not invest everything at once, but save little by little. According to some, this is a more sensible way of investing, because it is very difficult to choose the ‘right’ buying moment. If you invest a large amount in one go, there is a chance that it will later turn out that you have chosen an unfavorable moment, and that is of course annoying.

However, when you spread smaller purchases over a longer period of time, you also spread the risk and achieve a more average price. The chance that you buy at a very bad time is therefore smaller and if it does happen, there are probably a few more favorable buying moments. In the Bitcoin community these are also called ‘stacking sats’ ; saving satoshis little by little. This often involves small amounts.

Increasingly popular is the so -called Dollar-cost Averaging (DCA) . That is more or less the same, but on a fixed schedule. People who do this periodically buy a fixed amount of bitcoin, for example ?? 50 per week or ?? 100 per month. Proponents believe that this way of investing is usually more successful than other strategies, and also much less stressful.

Do you want to start with Bitcoin? Then read our quick guide for beginners! Elsewhere on our website we also tell you how you can buy bitcoin. If you start with a lower amount, you may not have to dive right in when it comes to safety. A Dutch Bitcoiner created the handy, which can help you choose.

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