Yay Games has announced the Bold Point card game

Yay Games Ten He announced a new card RPG titled Bold Point. It will offer mechanics and NFT to play and win, offering similarities to other business card games. y plan to launch the blockchain-based game on their own platform by November this year.

developers describe Bold Point as an NFT-based card game that offers a fun and competitive experience. Players must level up their character through battles, competing with other players, or against computer AI. Players can also bet on matches between players, to earn even more rewards for each victory.

Each character will have unique abilities and characteristics to help players hone their tactics. Players can earn loot through games on the battlefield. Both characters and loot represent unique NFTs on the blockchain, meaning that players can trade their items in a marketplace.

Bold Point is free, which means that players do not need to make an investment to start playing. game will run on the Binance Smart Chain and will offer in-game mining rewards as well as a liquidity pool for more advanced blockchain users.

Binance Smart Chain on the rise

Earlier this year, Binance Smart Chain had an impact on the blockchain industry when many DeFi dapps were launched on the platform. PancakeSwap is of course the biggest name, but with ApeSwap, Autofarm, and Venus there are plenty of other DeFi dapps. Even Ethereum dapps have been moved by the BSC, like 1 inch.

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Lately, gaming dapps are on the rise as well. CryptoBlades and My Defi Pet are among the latest successful games on BSC according to data from DappRadar. Animoca Brands and Gala Games have also announced their support for the blockchain solution. My Neighbor Alice is one of the top upcoming games, including Binance Smart Chain. y will soon launch their second land sale.


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