XAYA: a platform for cararn games

Xaya is an open source blockchain and gaming platform designed to host complex and fully decentralized games. Xaya focuses on improving the blockchain gaming experience by solving scalability, high gas rates, and interoperability issues.

team behind Xaya is also the creator of the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin.

Xaya enables developers to create and run high-level multiplayer games on their blockchain with ease. All Xaya games are trustworthy, probably fair and permissionless.

For her impressive work on blockchain games, Xaya was also selected Season 5 of the Ubisoft Entrepreneur Lab last year.

How games work in Xaya

Developers can create games in almost any programming language using the Xaya SDK.

Games run on Xaya Daemon (Xayad) or any other base layer chain like Ethereum or Polygon). With special accounts on the blockchain network, players can register and make new moves in the game. Movement data is stored on the network similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions stored on a decentralized ledger.

Game channels

Xaya’s gaming channels connect players through a fast and secure peer-to-peer network where they can make moves and share the state of the game in turn. It allows them to play MMO games in real time with an unlimited number of moves.

Game state processors

Game states are automatically calculated by game state processors, which are independent applications of the blockchain nodes. miners on the network only verify that the blockchain transaction itself is valid and they do not have to verify every move to verify the validity of the current state of the game. Since it is not necessary to calculate every move using a smart contract, cararn games can work perfectly on Xaya and the transaction fees are very low.

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GSP sends the current state of the game to the Front-End (GUI) and players can experience what is happening in the game in real time.

Xaya Lite cara

Xaya Lite cara is designed for games where players receive game states from a centralized network. Players can use wallets like Metamask or Electrum to play. player only needs to remember the “opening phrase” of his wallet to keep his game progress safe.

CHI currency

CHI Coin is Xaya’s native cryptocurrency. All transactions and movements on the Xaya blockchain are based on CHI mining fees.

According to CoinMarketCap, the CHI coin has a total supply of 55.68 million, of which 46.53 million are currently in circulation. total market capitalization is $ 5.25 million at the time of this writing.

Xaya recently expanded the CHI coin to Binance Smart Chain. In April, Xaya also launched WCHI on Ethereum.

Games about Xaya

In 2014, the team behind Xaya created Huntercoin, the first blockchain game. re are currently 2 popular games on the Xaya platform.

Soccer Manager Elite

In Soccer Manager Elite, players can become soccer team managers, player agents, club shareholders, or simply stock traders.

SMEs use CHI for in-game transactions, such as buying or selling to their players. Additionally, players have full ownership of the hard-earned shares in the game, which means they can be traded or sold without a problem.

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