Who pays the best cryptocurrency APY?

Celsius versus Crypto.com is often a comparison made by performance seekers looking for the highest cryptocurrency interest rates. Both platforms pay at the higher end of the spectrum for crypto interests, but differ substantially in the way they do it.

Celsius was founded in 2017 and is based in London, England. It is a cryptocurrency loan and loan app that allows users to deposit and earn interest on their cryptocurrency.

Crypto.com was founded in 2016 and is based in Hong Kong, and offers a wide variety of products including a cryptocurrency exchange, a crypto interest account, an NFT storage wallet, and a credit (debit) card.

In a word, the most significant contrast between Celsius and Crypto.com is the accessibility of the best possible rates from each platform.

Celsius pays solid interest rates of up to 6.2% for BTC and 5.35% for ETH as soon as you deposit any amount of cryptocurrency in the app.

In contrast, the highest tier of Crypto.com pays higher rates of up to 8.5% for BTC and 8.5% for ETH, but with hoops to jump to. It requires its users to hold significant sums of CRO, their native token, to get the best rates, as well as to lock their funds for a month or more.

Having said that, Celsius and Crypto.com offer certain advantages that the other might not; Let’s see them below.

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Key Information

Celsius Crypto.com Reviews Celsius Review Crypto.com Review Site Type Crypto Interest Account and Loan App Crypto Exchange + Crypto Interest Account + NFT Exchange Beginner-friendly yes yes Mobile app yes yes Purchase / deposit methods Crypto deposits, debit card, ACH bank transfer, bank transfers, PayPal, credit or debit card Sales / withdrawal methods External crypto wallet transfer External crypto wallet transfer, ACH Cryptocurrencies available Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link stablecoins and more than 30 more Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, stablecoins and around 25 more Company launch 2017 2016 Location London, England Hong Kong Community trust Excellent Good Security Excellent Excellent Customer support Excellent Good Verification required (KYC) yes yes Fee Excellent (none available ) Average Site + Promo Earn up to $ 40 BTC bonus on Celsius Earn up to $ 25 on Crypto.com

Company Bio: Celsius vs. Crypto.com

Celsius was created by Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon in 2017. company raised approximately $ 100 million in private financing rounds (including a token sale) and has since grown to serve more than 850,000 users. Celsius manages about $ 16 billion in community assets.

Founder Mashinsky has created or been a key part of several successful companies, including:

  • Arbinet
  • GroundLink
  • Gogo Inflight Wireless
  • Wireless transit

Crypto.com was launched under the name Monaco Technologies in Hong Kong in 2016, changing to its current name in 2018. company is led by CEO Kris Marszalek and CFO Rafael Melo. It raised $ 26.7 million in an initial coin offering on May 18, 2017.

Much of its core team comes from big names in traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, including JP Morgan and Binance.

Characteristic n. 1: Who pays the most? Celsius or Crypto.com interest rates:

Celsius’s fees are much easier than Crypto.com’s. Users earn a flat fee up to a certain amount and then a lower fee for anything above that amount.

Interest rate change limits vary from one cryptocurrency to another. For example, Celsius users earn a maximum interest of up to 1 BTC and 100 ETH. n they get a reduced rate if they store additional amounts of those assets on the platform.

Red Celsius

Crypto.com users must have the CRO of the company’s native crypto asset to gain access to the best rates. company also pays higher fees to users who agree to lock their funds on the platform for longer periods of time.


  • Celsius pays 6.2% for a user’s first BTC and 3.51% for any additional amount
  • Crypto.com’s BTC interest rates range from as low as 1.5% to as high as 8.5% . rate you earn will depend on the CRO value you have in your account. Users need at least $ 40,000 in CRO to get access to the best rates.


  • Celius’ ETH rate is 5.35% for a client’s first 100 ETH and 5.05% for any additional amount
  • Crypto.com’s ETH rates range from 3.5% to 8.5% depending on how long a user commits to store their funds on the platform and the CRO value they have in their account.


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CurrencyCelsiusCrypto.com Tie 8.88% 6% – 8.5% GUSD 8.88% N / A USDC 8.88% 6% – 14%

Winner: Celsius . Although Crypto.com offers higher high-end fees on many crypto assets, users must have at least $ 40,000 in CRO stored on the platform to get those fees. Celsius’s fixed rate system is easier to understand and offers competitive opportunities to earn interest on a wide variety of tokens without hindrance.

Celsius also offers a higher and less complicated sign-up bonus. You can get a $ 40 BTC bonus by depositing $ 400 or more in Celsius for 30 days.

Alternatively, you can get a $ 25 bonus by signing up at Crypto.com and betting on the Ruby Card.

How do Celsius and Crypto.com make money?

Celsius primarily generates income through its cryptocurrency loan service. company lends assets to users at a higher interest rate than it pays them to store their assets on the platform.

se loans are oversecured, which means the risk of default is lower than it would be for a standard loan. However, there is always the possibility (however small) that a default will occur and affect a user’s funds; It hasn’t happened yet, but be aware of the risks before using any cryptocurrency platform.

Crypto.com loan and loan system is one of its many sources of income and is the same as the one described above. company takes a small percentage of each user exchange. Producer fees range from 0.036% to 0.1% and policyholder fees range from 0.090% to 0.16% .

Feature # 2: Payments and withdrawals

Celsius users are free to withdraw their funds at any time without incurring additional fees. Those who wish to withdraw more than $ 50,000 with a single transaction must wait 24 to 48 hours for it to be processed. company makes its weekly interest payments on Mondays.

Crypto.com pays interest on a daily basis, although it does not increase. company charges a fee for all withdrawals that are made on the chain, but users can avoid them by using Crypto.com’s in-app withdrawal feature.

Winner: Celsius . Celsius also wins this round thanks to its free withdrawals. Users can also withdraw their funds for free at Crypto.com, but only through an alternative solution.

Characteristic n. 3: Celsius security vs. Crypto.com

Celsius employs a multi-party computing (MPC) system to keep its users’ funds safe. This conforms to the industry standard. company also offers numerous user security options, such as:

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Manual verification for withdrawals
  • Biometric security
  • Photo and video security
  • HODL cara (allows you to disable all outgoing transactions for a specified period of time)

Crypto.com partners with Ledger to keep the vast majority of its users’ funds in cold storage. This reduces your exposure to Internet-based attacks. company also uses hardware security modules and multi-signature technologies.

Both Celsius and Crypto.com offer up to $ 250,000 in FDIC insurance to cover their users’ cash funds. Note , this does not cover any crypto assets.

Winner: It’s a tie. re are simply not enough differentiating factors here to declare a winner. Both Celsius and Crypto.com are in line with the industry average to secure their users’ funds.

Feature # 4 Ease of use

Celsius platform has a much better customer experience than Crypto.com; You just need to deposit your assets in degrees Celsius to start earning weekly interest payments.

To get the most out of Crypto.com, users need to fully immerse themselves in its ecosystem – gambling on a credit card, having CROs, and blocking funds.

When it comes to user experience, both platforms have mobile and web-based account management options that are suitable for any beginner. Crypto.com offers more products and their application is naturally a bit more complex.

Celsius vs Crypto.com: Highlights

standout feature of Celsius is its cryptocurrency asset, CEL. Users who take out loans and make payments with CEL can earn up to 25% discount on interest payments .

standout feature of Crypto.com is your credit card. It allows users to start earning cash in cryptocurrencies while making daily purchases.

As far as cryptocurrency credit cards go, Crypto.com’s credit card is more complicated than BlockFi’s comparable offering. Crypto.com offers a wider variety of benefits and rewards, including full CRO rebates for Netflix and Spotify at the Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White tiers, and rewards ranging from 1% to 8% based on the user’s cash value of the CRO withheld.

Crypto.coms card level

Court of Public Opinion: Celsius vs. Crypto.com Reddit

Reddit community seems quite happy with both Celsius and Crypto.com. A common consensus is that savvy crypto users should use each platform and trade their assets from one to another depending on who is currently paying the highest fees.

However, if you want a crypto rewards credit card, Reddit has kind things to say about the Crypto.com card.

Celsius Customer Support vs. Crypto.com

Celsius has an online customer support form and phone service available at 201-824-2888. It also has a very active group with over 18,000 members.

Crypto.com has an online help center with answers to common questions. You can also contact customer service by email at [email protected] or within the app.

Can you trust Celsius and Crypto.com?

crypto community at large seems to trust both Celsius and Crypto.com, at least when it comes to custodial platforms.

Each company uses industry standard security practices and has experienced no major violations.

That said, you always take some level of risk when you allow an outside party to hold your crypto assets. Since neither platform offers insurance for tokens like BTC and ETH, it has been limited to no recourse if the proverbial dookie hits the fan. This is true for all crypto interest account platforms, and is not limited to just Celsius or Crypto.com.

Celsius has claimed that it is building an internal insurance product, but it has yet to launch.

Crypto.com is ISO / IEC 27001: 3013 certified and receives regular audits from Bureau Veritas. Celsius has over 850,000 users and manages billions of assets with no history of hackers stealing funds.

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