What is Tether and how does it work? (USDT)

This is where Tether distinguishes a cryptocurrency with value at real exchange, where each Token (USDT) corresponds to a dollar, to explain it in simple terms it is as a form of direct conversion of traditional money to the cryptocurrency market, this converted Tether in the most reliable and used cyptocurrency today since it works as a conversion with the Euro (EURT), the Yuan (CNHT), the Dollar (USTD) and in gold through (XAUT).


origin of Tether was the next logical step to the emergence and popularization of cryptocurrencies, due to the fact that contrary to the decentralized caral and lacking support that makes cryptocurrencies more ?free?, Tether was born as a friendly and organic way to introduce to new users with investment desires who wanted a safe and fast way to transfer some funds to crypto, in 2010 two startups decided to develop a platform capable of issuing a fiat currency that would enter these markets, these were Realcoin and Bitfinex each addressing project on their own from different angles eventually merged efforts giving rise to Tether Limited.

How does it work?

Unlike the other cryptocurrencies, Tether is not decentralized since the developer company Tether Limited is the one who receives the funds and assumes direct responsibility for minting or destroying the Tokens in circulation as transactions are carried out in a similar way to a bank manages the funds of the users for the creation and endorsement of the Tokens.

For those more experienced in the subject, Tether operates through the ?Omni Layer? protocol, the platform on which external transactions are made to Bitcoin, converting digital assets between cryptos, ledger that keeps Tether’s operational records is introduced into the block chain of Bitcoin through this medium and today works with the main blockchain networks Ethereum (ETH), EOSIO (EOS) and Tron (TRX), with the popularization of digital signatures of NFTs, the largest market for Tether is in Ethereum .

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Advantages of using Tether

Cryptocurrencies in general are an uncertain market to some extent in the expectation that their values ​​stabilize eventually but for the moment their volatility prevents them from being a standard medium of exchange, buying a single Bitcoin implies a large sum of money and a risk of loss due to the fall in its value, instead Tether supports each new crypto issued based on the standard currencies with which it operates, allowing micro transactions and purchases of other cryptocurrencies to invest in these markets in a more understandable way for new users in addition to offering the strength of a public firm that supports your funds.

How to buy USDT Tether?

USDT tether you can buy it from many exchanges but the most recommended are the following since you can pay with a debit or credit card:

Binance; You enter, register, verify the account and you can now operate. Enter now

Coinbase: You enter, register, verify the account and you can now trade. Login Now


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