What is Sorare? How to play Sorare? Beginner’s guide

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can collect cards with players from officially licensed clubs, create teams, and collect points in soccer matches.

Ethereum-based game Sorare is backed by various investors and backed by Ubisoft. So far it has officially partnered with more than 76 soccer clubs.

How to play Sorare? A guide to Sorare

To start playing Sorare, first visit Sorare and click “sign up” to create your account. You must enter your email address, nickname (also known as the administrator’s name), and a password.

After creating and logging into your account, you can claim your 10 free community cards and join the Rookie League by creating a 5-card team.

Rookie League, which is open to new users for 4 weeks of play, will allow you to accumulate points in matches and win new cards.

To create your first SO5 Fantasy team, click on “SO5 Fantasy” and register a team in the open tournament by clicking on “see more”.

Click on “Rookie” to create your team with your community cards.

This is how our team is made up of a goalkeeper, a defender, two midfielders and a forward:

Please note that after entering the game 4 times, the “Rookie League” option for beginners will disappear. n you must join the Rookie League immediately after creating your account.

During the four weeks of play in the Rookie League, you can win new cards and use them in future tournaments. You can also buy rare, super rare and unique Sorare cards by auctioning new individual cards or by purchasing cards sold by other managers.

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How to buy Sorare cards?

To buy new Sorare cards, click on “Transfer Market” in Sorare. You can view new cards and other cards sold by managers and use filters to find the type of cards you are looking for.

To buy or bid on the cards, you must connect the wallet to the game. You can use MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet through WalletLink.

auction mechanism is quite simple. After bidding on a card, if another player bids higher on the card, they will be credited again and you will receive a notification. So you can bid higher before the auction ends. In the end, the player with the highest bid gets the card.

You can instantly buy cards sold by other managers at the price set by them. In addition to the option to buy Sorare cards with Ethereum wallets, you can also use your credit card to withdraw or buy the cards, the cost will also include a 10% premium over the exchange rate. If you cannot win the auction, the amount will be refunded.

Connect with Sorare Players

To learn more about the game and connect with other players, you can join Sorare’s official My Discord Channels.


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