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It’s no surprise that we have a problem with plastic. Our oceans are full of plastic, and it doesn’t look like this problem will be solved any time soon. Fortunately, more and more companies and organizations are deciding to do something about this. So is the Plastics project.

Plastiks (PLASTIK) is a crypto project that wants to contribute to making our world more sustainable, and focuses mainly on the problem of plastic. What exactly Plastiks is, how it works and where you can buy the PLASTIK token, I will tell you in this article.

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  • What is Plastics (PLASTIK)?
    • The team behind Plastics
  • How do plastics work?
    • Manufacturer of plastic
    • Recycler of plastic
  • What is the purpose of Plastics?
  • PLASTIK token
    • Where can I buy the PLASTIK token?
    • Token distribution
  • The pros and cons of plastics
    • Advantages
    • Cons
  • Plastics roadmap
  • Conclusion

Are you still not entirely clear on how big the plastic problem is? Then I advise you to watch the WWF video below. They clearly explain here what the dangers of plastic are, and what influence this has on people, animals and nature.


What is Plastics (PLASTIK)?

As indicated in the introduction, it is no secret that we have a major plastic problem.

Our oceans are full of plastic, which is also called the plastic soup. This plastic can hardly be broken down by nature, so it will not disappear by itself. What does happen is that this plastic disintegrates into smaller plastic particles. This is also called micro plastic.

Microplastics are often mistaken for food by fish and other marine life. They eat this plastic, which can cause these animals to die. It can also happen that people catch these fish for consumption. This means that people can ingest the plastic from fish.

It is therefore clear that a solution to this problem must be found. Plastiks wants to connect producers of plastic consumer goods with plastic recyclers. With this, Plastiks wants to ensure that plastic can be made sustainably and recycled.

Plastiks offers a marketplace that runs on the blockchain, where producers of Single-Use Plastic, SUP for short, and recyclers can connect with each other. By SUP we mean plastic that is only used once, such as packaging material.

Companies that recycle plastic can sell proof of recycling as NFT on this marketplace. This therefore provides additional income for recycling companies, enabling them to perform their work even better.

In addition, this marketplace is also a marketing tool for SUP companies. They can show that they contribute to making our world more sustainable.

Several governments are drafting new laws requiring SUP companies to offset their plastic production. Through the Plastiks marketplace, these companies can compensate for their plastic production by buying these NFTs (proof of recycling).

The team behind Plastics

Plastiks is a project of the company Nozama. This is a tech company that focuses on making our world more sustainable. This company, and therefore also Plastiks, is led by CEO and co-founder André Vanyi-Robin. He does this together with CTO Daniel García and CPO Trym Lyngset, who are also both co-founders.

The founders have extensive experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability. They don’t do this alone, because the team behind Plastiks consists of more than 9 people. Plastiks also has a large arsenal of advisors who steer the project in the right direction.


How do plastics work?

Plastiks is an NFT marketplace that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The basis of this is the same as the Binance Chain, although the Binance Smart Chain also offers support for smart contracts. This gives the developers of Plastiks the opportunity to develop an application for BSC.

Manufacturer of plastic

A producer of plastic who wants to use the platform first needs a wallet that contains PLASTIK tokens. This number must be large enough to purchase an NFT.

When a producer buys an NFT, they are actually buying a contract that confirms that the producer has recycled a certain type of plastic. This contract is a smart contract and is one of a kind. For example, it stores what type of plastic has been processed, and what quantity it is.

It is also possible to distribute and resell the NFT. This can be the case when plastic is broken down into different parts, after which each part is reused in a different way. However, it is only possible to mint the first amount of plastic as NFT.

Recycler of plastic

The Plastiks platform offers recycling companies the opportunity to mint NFTs that serve as proof of recycling. The plastic recycler can use the platform for an additional source of income. All they have to do is upload/mint proof that they have recycled plastic (such as an invoice or certificate stating this) as NFT and sell it.

All smart contracts of each SUP are stored on the Binance Smart Chain according to the ERC721 protocol. This protocol is also used for NFTs running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Would you like to learn more about Plastics? Then watch the video below.


What is the purpose of Plastics?

It is now clear to you what Plastiks is and how it works. But what is actually the purpose of Plastiks?

By working with these NFTs, companies can be transparent about how they deal with plastic . At the moment, it is not clear to consumers how much plastic a company produces, and what they do to process and recycle this plastic.

Of course, they can indicate on their website that the plastic is recycled. However, it is not clear to consumers how exactly this works.

Because the information about the processing of plastic is stored in smart contracts, everyone can see this information. After all, the blockchain is completely transparent.

Plastic recyclers, in turn, can indicate whether a producer has actually had plastic recycled at their site. They can store this in the smart contract, after which it will be visible to the general public. So when a producer of plastic does buy an NFT, but ultimately does not have the plastic recycled, this will be visible to everyone. This should encourage producers to actually have their plastic recycled.

Of course, producers can also not buy NFT at all, so that they do not have to show that they have actually recycled plastic. In society, however, we see that there is increasing pressure on large companies that do not take the environment and climate very seriously . Consumers are therefore increasingly opting for products and services that are developed and supplied in a sustainable manner.

As soon as more and more people know about Plastiks, and more and more companies make use of it, other companies may also feel inclined to use Plastiks. After all, this can ensure that consumers buy from their products, because they know that this company is operating in a sustainable manner. Plastics can therefore be used as a marketing tool by these types of companies.

So the purpose of Plastiks is clear. The condition is that the community behind Plastiks continues to grow. When there are as many people and companies as possible who know about this project, the greater the chance that companies decide to use it. After all, social pressure is needed to encourage companies to use Plastiks.



As said before, PLASTIK is the utility token of the Plastiks marketplace. There are only 1 billion PLASTIK tokens in circulation in total. This number will not increase or decrease in the future. Minting or burning of tokens is therefore not possible.

The PLASTIK token is used to connect recyclers with plastic products: with this token, plastic products can show that they care about the environment and climate.

Where can I buy the PLASTIK token?

So far it is only possible to buy the PLASTIK token from VirtuaBroker . Click here to buy the Plastiks token on VirtuaBroker.

Before you can buy PLASTIK, you will first have to create an account, after which you can link an external wallet. Plastiks runs on the Binance Smart Chain, which means that PLASTIKS is a BEP20 token. So make sure you store your PLASTIK tokens in a wallet that supports BEP20 tokens.

After you have purchased PLASTIK tokens, you need to add the address below to your wallet so that the tokens become visible:


Token distribution

The PLASTIK token are distributed as follows:

  • Management : 10%
  • Advisor : 4%
  • Early sale : 10%
  • Normal sales : 10%
  • Late sales : 10%
  • Ecosystem : 56%


The pros and cons of plastics

The Plastiks project has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now that you know what this project is, it is important to become aware of these advantages and disadvantages.


  • Sustainability and climate are becoming increasingly important, which is why more and more people and companies are willing to invest in companies that offer a solution.
  • The project is unique: there are no direct competitors doing the same.
  • Plastiks is led by a team experienced in sustainability and technology.
  • No new tokens will be added in the future.
  • The more companies and organizations participate in Plastiks, the cleaner our earth becomes.


  • Plastiks is still a new project that is in its infancy, so it is questionable whether this project will actually succeed.
  • There are no direct competitors. This can be an advantage, but it also means that there is not yet a demand for this type of solution.
  • The PLASTIK token is not yet for sale on major exchanges such as Binance and Bitvavo.

Plastics roadmap

Plastiks wants to develop itself even further in the future. They do this in different phases.

  • Phase 1 – Sale of the PLASTIK Token.
  • Phase 2 – Launch of the NFT Marketplace (dApp).
  • Phase 3 – Integration of Nozama Data Extraction Tools on the Plastiks platform.
  • Phase 4 – Launch of a pilot where recyclers can use the tokens.
  • Phase 5 – Launch of a pilot where plastic producers can use the tokens.
  • Phase 6 – Launch of a bridge that allows the tokens to be used on other blockchains.
  • Phase 7 – Launch bot that can validate the certificates.
  • Phase 8 – Launch of the entire Plastiks marketplace.

So Plastiks still has a long way to go before companies and consumers can make full use of the marketplace. So it remains to be seen whether the concept they came up with will actually succeed. After all, the project is still in its infancy.

This can also be seen as an advantage. The project is still young and has many opportunities to grow. This can of course have a beneficial effect on the price of the PLASTIK token.

Nevertheless, it is of course important to do your own research into Plastiks. You can do this through fundamental analysis. Do you want to know how to perform a fundamental analysis? Then click here.


More and more companies are focusing on sustainability. This is necessary, because we produce an enormous amount of waste, which in most cases ends up in nature.

Plastiks is not sitting still, and wants to tackle the problem with their NFT marketplace. This marketplace allows recycling companies to sell NFTs that represent proof of recycling.

Plastic products can then buy these NFTs, indicating that they want to recycle their plastic.

This project is still very young, but it is led by a team with experience . Plastiks therefore has a good chance of further growth. Nevertheless, it is important to do your own research into Plastiks before investing in the PLASTIK token. This way you reduce the risk.

After reading this article you will hopefully know more about what Plastiks is and how it works . Do you want to know more about Plastiks after reading this article? Then ask your questions in our AllesOverCrypto Facebook group and our experts will answer all your questions.

Do you have other crypto related questions? The easiest way is to look up your question in our FAQ. What you can also do is that you google your question + “AllesOverCrypto”. You will then quickly arrive at one of our other articles that deal with that topic, so that you can quickly learn more about that topic.


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