WagyuSwap Exchange (WAGYU) Token Guide What is it and how to buy?

In this article we will talk about WagyuSwap Exchange (WAGYU) Token, a Swap project that will be the first to work with the Velas network and in this post we will give you all the information about this Swap and we will explain how to buy WAGYU Token.

Welcome to WagyuSwap

Get your main share of the next generation of decentralized exchanges.

With WagyuSwap you can trade, bet and farm tokens with all the accessories you expect from a superior DeFi platform.


Instantly trade your crypto assets without having to create an account or go through cumbersome KYC procedures.

first DEX in the fastest chain

WagyuSwap is the leading decentralized exchange in Velas Chain, which has been listed as the fastest blockchain in the world.

Fares so low they couldn’t ride at an amusement park

WagyuSwap runs on Velas Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Binance Smart Chain.

Why pay higher fees for slower transactions?

Fully decentralized and non-custodial

Unlike all the CeFi platforms and exchanges known as Binance or Coinbase, WagyuSwap stays out of your private life and allows you to maintain full control of your assets.

Earn your $ WAG

Earn $ WAG and other tokens by letting your crypto work for you with our soaring interest rates that are sure to make your mouth water.

Bet $ WAG to win free tokens.

$ WAG holders can stake their tokens for free to earn millions of dollars in tokens each week from top Velas Chain projects. We keep adding new projects to our illustrious menu, so you can monetize your $ WAG in an ever-increasing number of ways.

Farm $ WAG with our yield farms

It’s easy: add liquidity and bet Liquidity Pools (LP) chips and in return, win $ WAG. In exchange for being more exposed to market fluctuations, you can get a higher annual percentage rate to offset the risk.

Earn trading commissions

If your preferred trading pairs are not supported by WagyuSwap Farms, you can still earn trading fees by betting your tokens on Liquidity Pools (LP).

project is incubated by BlueZilla and launched in association with ETHPad, BSCPad, and Velas. It is the first DEX in the revolutionary Velas Blockchain and the most delicate cut of the decentralized trading platform that would act as the nascent ecosystem.

Wagyu Swap uses the Solana codebase and is EVM compliant to deliver a world-class DeFi experience.

What is WagyuSwap?

WagyuSwap is the first revolutionary DEX available from the fastest Velas Network Blockchain. It acts as the nascent ecosystem and the most delicate cut of decentralized trading platforms loaded with many new projects.

token is based on Solana’s codebase and is EVM-enabled with artificial intelligence technology to support cross-chain transfers of all major tokens on the market. investors worldwide are focused on investing in this currency and want to learn more about Wagyu Swap .

tokenomics and token allocation data is available below for your assistance.

WagyuSwap Exchange

WagyuSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM), the first in Velas Chain that has been listed as the fastest blockchain in the world. data doesn’t lie and tells us that WagyuSwap is the fastest decentralized exchange (DEX) out there! Decentralized trading in the leading DEX of the Candles ecosystem means you can do several things:

Exchange and exchange tokens

All without having to go through a Centralized Exchange (gross ew). All transactions on WagyuSwap occur through interactions between our Exchange and your own wallet, so there are no KYC or invasions of privacy here.

Liquidity funds

But there is a catch! For trading to be possible, there must be sufficient liquidity in the trading pair of the tokens you want to trade. If no one has added liquidity for that pair, it will be impossible to do so. solution is simple. Just add Liquidity to WagyuSwap. As a result of solving these problems, the liquidity providers will get LP tokens that will give them a part of the trading fees on the platform.

Yield agriculture

Liquidity providers can earn $ WAG by locking their LP tokens on a smart contract. This added incentive means addressing the risk of non-permanent loss that is part of the liquidity provision in a DEX. (Always remember to do your own research).

Stake out pools

You don’t like the risk of becoming an LP? No problem. Our chefs have made stake pools available. se are simpler – just bet $ WAG to win $ WAG.

Token exchange (TOKENS)

WagyuSwap token exchanges are simply a mechanism to exchange one VEP20 token for another using our automated liquidity pools.

When you trade a token on the exchange, you will pay a 0.25% trading fee. Here’s how those fees are used:

0.17% – Sent to liquidity providers.

0.03% – Sent to the WagyuSwap Treasury.

0.05% – Used to buy WagyuSwap to burn.

How to trade on WagyuSwap:

Preparing to operate

Before you can trade, you will need a wallet that is compatible with Velas (Metamask, for example) and VEP20 tokens and add the Velas network to metamask.

Trade on the WagyuSwap exchange

Go to the Exchange page and click Unlock Wallet and make sure you are on the Velas network.

Click on the drop-down menu in the ‘From’ section to choose the token you want to trade, after making sure it is one of the tokens that you actually have.

Use the “To” field to determine the token you wish to trade with and enter the desired amount. Folks, this is as easy as boiling an egg.

token amount in the “From” section is estimated automatically and vice versa. After making sure you are happy with the numbers, click the Change button.

A new window will appear with more detailed information. Once again, check if you are satisfied that the details are correct and click the Confirm Trade button. At this point, your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

And there you go! Are you ready!

Liquidity funds

When you add tokens to a WagyuSwap liquidity pool, you will receive LP tokens that allow you to share fees.

LP Tokens

If you deposit VLX and WAG tokens, you will receive VLX-WAG LP tokens that will represent your share of the VLX-WAG Liquidity Fund. deposited funds can be redeemed at any time. All you need to do is eliminate your liquidity.

Liquidity providers earn trading commissions

When traders use their liquidity pool, you earn a portion of the fees.

If your pair is traded on WagyuSwap, the trader pays a commission of 0.25%, of which 0.17% is subsequently added to the respective Liquidity Fund.

For additional profit, you can also farm your LP tokens for an incredible return on our farms and at the same time earn your 0.17% trading fee.

How to add and remove liquidity

How to add liquidity

You will need to add both tokens of the trading pair to which you would like to provide liquidity, with the liquidity limit being the lower USD value of the two tokens. Feel free to use our exchange to get the tokens you want. Once you have them, follow these steps: Go to the Liquidity page and click the “Add Liquidity” button.

Click ‘Select a currency’ for both fields, choose the tokens for which you would like to add liquidity and the amount of one in the corresponding ‘Input’ field. other amount will appear instantly. After clicking the “Approve” button, your wallet will ask you to confirm your approval. When the “Supply” button appears, click on it.

If you are satisfied with the rewards shown in the window that appears, press “Confirm supply” and confirm the action in your wallet.

You will then see your LP token balance at the bottom of the page. Do you want to add more liquidity? Just repeat the steps above!

Eliminating liquidity

Go to the Liquidity page and click on your pair under “Your Liquidity”

After pressing «Delete», a new window will appear, where you can choose the & want to delete. Once you are satisfied that you have made the right decision, press “Approve” and confirm the action in your wallet.

After double checking the amount shown in the pop-up window, click “Confirm” and approve the action in your wallet.

You will then see your LP token balance at the bottom of the page.

Yield agriculture

Yield agriculture

Liquidity providers can earn $ WAG by locking their LP tokens on a smart contract. This added incentive means addressing the risk of non-permanent loss that is part of the liquidity provision in a DEX. (Always remember to do your own research).

Calculate rewards

WagyuSwap Yield Farm APR calculations include the rewards earned from being a liquidity provider and the rewards earned from wagering LP Tokens.

Rewards are generated per block and distributed to each user based on the amount deposited at the end of each block.

For example, in the agricultural group WAG-VLX, 1 $ WAG is generated as a reward per block. After 100 blocks are generated on the Velas chain, $ 100 WAG is distributed to users based on the amount they deposited and for how long they deposited. If Gordon deposited 10 WAG-VLX LP and Heston deposited 15 WAG-VLX LP, of the $ 100 WAG distributed as a reward, Gordon gets 40 WAG and Heston gets 60 WAG. As more users block more LP tokens, the APR will decrease based on the proportion these new tokens are added. Read also Saitama Inu (SAITAMA) Token What is it, how to buy and price?

How to use farms

Let’s start farming!

After providing Liquidity on WagyuSwap, you can take your LP tokens and stake them to get an additional $ WAG.

Provide liquidity to obtain LP tokens

After selecting the farm you want to use, either by APR or simply because you want to keep the tokens in question, you will need to add liquidity to get your LP tokens. First, click on the farm you chose to open its window. If you do not have the required LP token yet, click ‘Get LP (pair of tokens)’ which will open the ‘Add liquidity’ page. Luckily for you, we also have a guide for that.

Put your LP tokens on a farm

You are now ready to farm your LP tokens. Go to the farm you chose, click on it to expand it and hit the “Enable” button, followed by the confirmation of that action in your wallet. Wait until that button becomes “Stake LP” and click on it.

Type in the exact amount of LP chips you want to bet or press “Max” if you want to bet all of them. At that point, click on “Confirm” and then proceed with that confirmation in your wallet.

You will then be able to see your wagered LP tokens and the amount of $ WAG they have won you. If you decide that you would like to add more tokens, simply repeat the process described above.

Withdraw your LP tokens from a farm

Go to the Farms page and click on the farm where you have LP tokens. Once it is expanded, click the “-” button to remove your LP tokens.

When the window appears, choose how many tokens you want to remove, pressing “Max” if you want to remove all of them. n press “Confirm” and confirm the action in your wallet as well.

Once the bets have been removed from your LP tokens, the $ WAG rewards you have accumulated will also have been automatically collected and will appear in your wallet.

Reaping your agricultural rewards

As your LP tokens earn you $ WAG, you can choose how often you would like to collect them and what you would like to do with your new tokens. Collecting your $ WAG is quite simple. Just go to the corresponding Farm where you have staked your LP tokens, click on it and once it expands, press ‘Harvest’.

At this point, you will need to confirm the action in your wallet. Remember that each time you harvest you will incur a transaction fee, which although incredibly low, is still a cost to consider.

Not sure what to do with your freshly harvested $ WAG?

n read on, dear budding chef, as we’re about to show you how you can put your $ WAG to work for you in one of our sizzling pools.

Wagyu Swap live market capitalization, supply and pricing data

According to the official website, the public price of the token is $ 0.01, with an initial market capitalization of $ 37,750. token has the initial circulating supply of 3,750,000 WAG tokens in the market. However, the total circulating supply of the token is 500,000,000 WAG.

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No data is available on the fully diluted market capitalization, maximum circulating supply, and live price of the token. It is scheduled to be launched on the IDO Airdrop with a value of $ 21,000.00. assignments tokens of Wagyu Swap are as follows:

43% to bet

10% per team

10% goes to the liquidity fund

10% for the ecosystem

6% reserve

1% for Airdrop

10.5% for private sale

2.5% for BSCPad IDO

2% for ETHPad IDO

How to buy WagyuSwap Exchange (WAGYU) Token With Gate.io ?

first thing we have to do is create an account in Gate.io if we do not have one, so here is the link: Gate.io Registration.

STEP 1 TO BUY WagyuSwap Exchange (WAGYU) Token:

first thing will be to register in Gate.io if you are not already, so here is the registration link: Register GATE.IO

Once we are registered and with everything verified, we have to buy USDT to exchange it for WAGYU Token and since it cannot be purchased with a card at Gate.io, at least in Spain, we will use Binance to buy it and transfer it to Gate.io.

To buy USDT on Binance we will use the same method as buying ETH in the uniswap tutorial , but we simply buy USDT instead of ETH.

STEP 2 TO BUY WagyuSwap Exchange (WAGYU) Token:

Once with our USDT we have to transfer them to Gate.io and for this we have to go to our Gate.io Wallet and click on “Deposit” to deposit the USDT.

By clicking on “Deposit” it will take us to the next page, in which we have to select the currency we want to deposit (USDT) and choose the TRON network.

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We copy the address and go to the Exchange where we have the USDT, in our case it is Binance and we give it to withdraw, we have to paste the address that we copied before and choose the amount to withdraw.

And that’s it after a while we will have our USDT in Gate.io.

STEP 3 TO BUY WagyuSwap Exchange (WAGYU) Token:

Now we have to enter Gate.io and hit the market, and then hit “Professional”

Now we have to search for “WAGYU” in the search engine and we will select the “WAGYU / USDT” pair.

Once we give “WAGYU” we go to the bottom right and put the amount of WAGYU that we want to exchange for USDT.

We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have it in our Gate.io Wallet.

Post information source: Official website


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