Voyager Digital acquires Coinify in its latest international expansion

Digital currency broker Voyager Digital acquires the popular crypto payment system Coinify, in its latest expansion effort.

Today, Voyager Digital Announced its acquisition of Coinify for $ 85 million. This movement means a great diversification of the participations and the income streams of the company. Coinify has a user base in more than 150 countries.

Voyager Digital is one of the fastest growing and publicly traded cryptocurrency platforms in the US Similar to Robinhood, the Voyager platform already has the ability to interact with more than 60 cryptocurrencies and allows users to trade e invest in digital assets. platform is also known for offering interest in BTC.

addition of Coinify means a broader scope of Voyager’s capabilities. Particularly in the area of ​​payments, this acquisition means that Voyager users can now make payments directly from their deposit accounts. It also means that the digital asset broker is one step closer to corporate payments.

Coinify offers payment options in 15 cryptocurrencies and the ability to settle transactions in at least 20 fiat currencies through the Coinify API.

Stephen Ehrlich, CEO and Co-Founder of Voyager highlighted Coinify’s shared values. “Innovation, security and scalability” are three values ​​that will help promote the wider adoption of digital assets. Ehrlich also commented on what this new addition means for his growing user base:

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“As the adoption of cryptocurrency payments gains momentum, the acquisition of Coinify brings a global payment infrastructure to Voyager’s ecosystem of digital assets and will serve our rapidly growing customer base of more than 1.75 million users. A fast, easy and secure way to make payments from your Voyager Accounts «.

Despite a bumpy start, 2021 brings growth

beginning of the year saw a small setback in the emergence of Voyager. In January, the entire Voyager system shut down, leaving users anxious for a period of time. However, the broker cited the reason for the influx of user applications.

rest of the year followed suit, though not in the event of app crashes. According to the company, its user base has grown by more than 1,400% by the first half of 2021. Adding Coinify to the mix means more opportunities for existing customers, who are largely made up of small and medium-sized businesses.

Those affected by the merger include Coinify shareholders, who will establish 5,100,000 shares of the recently issued Voyager Digital Ltd.


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