Visualization: Bitcoin Core in 2017

The developers of the Bitcoin Core client have once again made a visualization of the development of the protocol over the past year. A lot has happened in the past year. For example, 2017 was the year of the activation of Segregated Witness, one of the puzzle pieces in solving the scalability issues that has laid the foundation for broader innovation.

Bitcoin belongs to no one

One of the important properties of Bitcoin is that it doesn’t belong to anyone; it belongs to everyone. There is no CEO, or central board, who can make decisions about the development of Bitcoin. Anyone can step forward and suggest changes or additions. This is powerful because it preserves Bitcoin’s neutral nature as a technology. At the same time, this also means that there is no one to talk to about defective functionality or wishes for the future: Bitcoin owes no one anything. Every contribution or extension to the protocol is made by volunteers who invest a lot of time and knowledge to improve the protocol. If you want something to be improved, expanded or adapted, you will have to take the initiative yourself to initiate the development.

This thought makes the video below all the more beautiful, because it visualizes how a group of enthusiastic developers work steadily to improve the protocol, driven by technological interest and ideals. In total, in the past year 1,843 pull requests were created (proposing changes to parts of the code), 1,195 pull requests were actually incorporated into the code, 21,153 comments were posted on GitHub to discuss and review the changes, and 3,277 commits were made ( individual code changes) by hundreds of developers who contributed to the project.

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