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As a result of new regulations, Dutch bitcoin companies are legally obliged to verify the identity of customers using their proof of identity. A time-consuming job that demands a lot from new and existing customers; they have to disclose a lot of information and a manual verification of the ID can take up to 24 hours. To lower the threshold and speed up the verification process, Bitonic has therefore developed an app for mobile phones that only takes a few minutes to verify.


Bitonic attaches great importance to protecting customer data and ensuring privacy. Customer data is only used for services and we work with third parties as little as possible. We only share data with government authorities when we are legally obliged to do so. Customer data is encrypted, has limited access and we closely monitor access to it. Also read our Privacy Policy.

The Bitonic Verification App can check identity documents for authenticity via the built-in NFC scanner in modern phones. A manual check by an employee is therefore not necessary and that saves a lot of time during verification.

A manual ID check can take up to 24 hours (usually faster), while the app only takes a few seconds to authenticate an ID via the NFC chip. In addition, the app streamlines the verification process and takes as much work as possible off your hands. Customers who verify themselves via the Bitonic Verification App can therefore be ready in a few minutes.

Identity verification via the mobile app in combination with the NFC scanner also provides some privacy benefits because it is automated and does not involve humans. We have developed the verification software entirely ourselves and we do not use any third-party software. Information is stored on servers in the Netherlands that are under our own management. In addition, when we can verify an identity document using NFC technology, we do not need to store a copy of the identity document.

For those who do not want or cannot use the Verification App, verification via the Bitonic website is also an option. However, this requires a manual check of the identity document and therefore takes longer.

Step-by-step plan Bitonic Verification App:

First install the Bitonic Verification App via the Google Playstore via the Apple Appstore (iOS).

New verification or continue existing one

After startup and the welcome screen, you will be given the choice to start a new verification or continue a verification from the Bitonic website via a QR code. If you have not started verification via the website yet, select the option to start a new verification here. If you have started a verification via the website, you can scan the QR code on the website via the app to continue via the app.

Personal or business

You can then choose between a personal or business verification. Select the option here to verify yourself as a person. A business verification is not yet possible at this time.

Please read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy on the following screens carefully. Click the buttons below to continue.

Bank account number

After this you will find a screen where you can enter your IBAN bank account number. Here you enter the IBAN number that you want to use for orders.

E-mail address

After entering your IBAN bank account number, you will be asked which e-mail address you want to use for orders. You will receive a five-character verification code at this e-mail address for verification, which you enter into the app for verification. The specified e-mail address is then verified.

phone number

On the next screen, enter your phone number. After you have entered this, you will receive a verification text message on this phone number with a new five-digit verification code. Enter this code to also verify your phone number.


You will then be asked to verify your identity by means of an ID. Suitable proof of identity is a passport or a European ID. Select the type of ID and then click the button.

The app can read a lot of data via the camera of the mobile phone, so that you do not have to enter it yourself. The app first asks for permission to access the camera functionality. After you have approved this, point the camera at the ID as shown in the picture below. The app will automatically read your name, date of birth and the expiry date of your ID. If you don’t want to use the camera or it doesn’t work, there is also the option to enter this data manually.

Verify authenticity

You will then be asked to verify the authenticity of your ID. This is done via the NFC scanner that modern phones have. Place the phone on the ID as shown in the example to read the NFC chip in the ID. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right position, because phones differ from each other and not every phone has the NFC scanner in the same place. Hold the phone still while scanning, otherwise you may have to try again. If you experience problems, try without a phone case.

If it is not possible to read the NFC chip, the app may also offer you the option of taking a photo of the ID, but in that case a manual check by an employee is required, which can take up to 24 hours. In that case, take the picture straight from the front and make sure the quality is good.

Address & estimate trading volume

You will now be asked how much you expect to buy or sell on an annual basis. Select the option that matches your expectation. On the next screen, enter your home address.

After this you have gone through all the steps of the verification process and you will be returned to the website. If you used the NFC scanner during the verification process, you are now fully verified. If you have taken a photo of your ID instead, an employee will first perform a manual check before the verification process is completed. In principle, this happens within 24 hours and often faster.

In some cases, such as for higher amounts, we also ask you to indicate what profession or other source of income you have. In some cases we may also ask you to provide documentation on the basis of which your home address and source of income can be verified.

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