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Due to new regulations, bitcoin companies are required by law to verify the identity of customers. New and existing Bitonic customers will therefore have to go through the verification steps once when creating a new order.

Below you will find a step-by-step description of the verification process via the website. This description can also be found via the main menu at the top of this website under the headings ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’.

Privacy: Bitonic is committed to protecting customer data and ensuring privacy. Customer data is only used for services and we work with third parties as little as possible. We only share data with government authorities when we are legally obliged to do so. Customer data is encrypted, has limited access and we closely monitor access to it. Also read our Privacy Policy.

Verification via the Bitonic website

You can start the verification procedure on the Bitonic website.

First you will see the screen below. Here you enter the e-mail address and the IBAN bank account number that you want to use for your orders at Bitonic. Read the terms and conditions carefully and place a check mark if you agree. Also indicate via the tick that you are older than 18 years and are not a ‘US person’. Then press the button to continue.

Personal or business

You can then choose between a personal or business verification. Select the option here to verify yourself personally. Business verification is currently not yet possible at Bitonic. That is possible at our exchange BL3P.


After this, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the specified e-mail address containing a five-character verification code. You can enter this in the appropriate fields to verify the e-mail address.


On the next screen, enter your phone number.

You will receive a text message with another verification code on this telephone number for verification. Enter this new five-digit code on the website to also verify your phone number.


After your phone number has been verified, it’s time for your ID. To continue the verification of the proof of identity via the website, select the ‘Desktop’ option.

On the next screen, select a type of ID. You can then add a photo or scan of the ID via the box below by dragging a file or by clicking with the mouse in the box to select a file. Make sure that the photo or scan of the ID is clear and of good quality.

Then fill in your address details in the appropriate fields.

You will now be asked to indicate how much you expect to buy or sell on an annual basis. After answering this question, most people are done and verification will be complete after an employee checks the ID. You will automatically be notified by e-mail.

In some cases, such as for higher amounts, we also ask you to indicate what profession or other source of income you have. In some cases we may also ask you to provide documentation on the basis of which your home address and source of income can be verified.

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