vEmpire Metaverso (VEMP) Token What is it, how to buy and price?

Today on this website, we will talk about vEmpire (VEMP) Token, another very interesting metaverse, which as you know is so fashionable, especially since Facebook said it was going to make its own and in this article we will explain everything there is to know about vEmpire and we will also explain how to buy VEMP Token.


first conquest and invasion of the Empire will be the metaverse and metaverse projects. Here we establish our foundation and begin the de-centralization of the decentralized world. re are many reasons to enter the metaverse as our initial conquest: –

1) Empire is open to diplomatic solutions, so we plan to establish an embassy.

2) In exploring these projects, we have found that they are deviating from their values ​​and allowing centralized entities to take an unreasonable share of power from the communities they serve.

3) monopolies and corporations in these metaverses have so much power that they are now leasing sifates, keeping up to 80% more of the profits while leaving users and the community with a fractional percentage.

4) gaming community in the real world has always been forced to use the same big corporate game providers. Freelance developers and creators have been kicked out and forced to do salaried jobs for these gaming giants.

Empire cannot allow the gaming community to be forced, again (but now in the virtual world) into the hands of these giants of the game. VEmpire DDAO distributes the value generated by a basket of LP groups and services to stakeholders. DDAO functions as a cooperative, whereby interested parties obtain the vEmpire token (VEMP) for providing a guarantee and, through a participation mechanism, receive a portion of the fee income generated by the supported DeFi services. , groups, NFT and any fees generated by DDAO contributions on the platform or in any metaverse.

VEMP worker token effectively encapsulates the intrinsic value of the VEMP basket of services. VEMP token can be wagered on xVEMP to grant pro-rated governance rights over all operational concerns of the provision of DeFi services. revenue generated for the Empire will be gifted to xVEMP holders. Gambling derivatives will also be enabled through blocked pools in addition to supported DeFi protocols.

1.1 – VEMP tokens, vEmpire player token


Integral to the protocol is the VEMP token. This is the native token of the Empire and is the currency used to reward winners of trading card battles, liquidity providers, gamblers, and the DDAO. Currently, decentraland only uses MANA in the world for content. Over time, we also hope to be in a position to influence VEMP on the platform.

Following the successful launch of V2, the acquired lands and estates will be monetized and rebuilt with the aesthetics of the Empire. All profits will be distributed to the DDAO. first parcels of land are likely to be:

-An Embassy and NFT art gallery for the purchase of trading cards and vEmpire wearable

-A Colosseum, gladiator games and NFT

-Chariot race track, gambling and charioteer NFT

-Army Barracks & Bedsit, MANA charged for “nights stay”, VEMP in the wallet,

effectively a currency exchange service until Decentraland accepts VEMP

xVEMP: Governance Token?

VEMP holders can stake their tokens for xVEMP, this will grant them rewards and voting rights in the DDAO, giving them control of the invasion, conquest and expansion of the Empire. As winnings from battles, and later monetized land, are gifted to the DDAO (xVEMP holders), the value of xVEMP will increase, meaning that the rewards are earned by disposing of the DDAO. This rewards loyalty to the Empire as early players will benefit as illustrated by the following equation:

– DDAO (as an example) stands at 30% APY that is awarded for the next 6 months

-6 months later, a new soldier joins the Empire and bets 1 VEMP

This VEMP has a value of 0.836 xVEMP since the xVEMP has already had 6 months of rewards paid at 30% APY

-1 year later (6 months after the previous example) with the same APY, 1 VEMP is now worth 0.7 xVEMP.

-This encourages early adoption as xVEMP should only increase in value against VEMP

R = Interest rate as a decimal T = Years formula = (1-R) ​​^ (1 * T) For the following examples T = 6 months = 0.5

(1VEMP-0.3) ^ (1 * 0.5) = 0.836 xVEMP

-For examples below T = 1 year = 1

(1VEMP-0.3) ^ (1 * 1) = 0.7 xVEMP

DDAO Launched – 1 VEMP = 1 xVEMP

Day 1 Soldier participates and receives the above as they have not yet been distributed

rewards DDAO (as an example) Settles at 30% APY which is awarded for the next 6 months 6 months later, a new soldier joins the Empire and bets 1 VEMP This VEMP is worth 0.836 xVEMP since the xVEMP has already had 6 months of rewards paid at 30% APY

1 year later (6 months after the previous example) with the same APY, 1 VEMP is now worth 0.7 xVEMP. This incentivizes early adoption as xVEMP should only increase in value against VEMP.

xsVEMP – Battle Token

For soldiers to train and fight in battles, xVEMP is distributed into groups that will effectively burn a percentage of the tokens and reward them to the winners of the battles. Pools will differ in the percentage of burns, so people can take as much risk as they want. See section 5.1 for more details.

1.2 – Empire’s invasion of Decentraland

Why Decentraland? Do they have DAO?

Empire’s mission is to remind decentralized entities throughout the blockchain universe of their commitment to their users and communities. re are a few areas where Decentraland has deviated from this: –

decentralized entities

Apart from the DAO, we believe that there should be a group of people in charge of preventing and managing security problems in LAND and Heritage contracts. This group of people, whom we call the Security Advisory Board, will act effectively as guarantors of the security of the contract, tasked with providing a quick response to bug reports.

Decentraland’s previous announcement when introducing the safety tip was based on responding to technology safety. However, the council has now evolved to oversee all proposals and these five people decide what is and what is not; “Malicious intent or that could damage the ecosystem”

Empire wants the security council to return to its former purpose.

Community voting

We would like to take this opportunity to assure the security council that we have nothing but good intentions and that we will not cause any harm. Our purpose is to return Decentraland to its namesake, and we see this as an honorable mission.

Empire is also against external centralized entities leasing their parcels of land and seizing 50% of the profits. re must be equality and harmony between businesses and consumers in Decentraland, without one benefiting from the other.

vEmpire DDAO will continually invade by buying land in Decentraland until we have a strong and overwhelming presence. By only targeting emissions to a group of MANA initially on the platform, it will deliver a substantial return that we expect and aim to capture as much of the market as there could be for MANA and metaverso’s share. highest APY currently offered is 2%.

Decentraland Current Rates and Interest Calculator (MANA) | Bet rewards

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1.3 – DDAO – Democratized decentralized autonomous organization

voting power of a standard DAO is decided by the number of government tokens the wallet that is voting has rather than a democratic vote. This means that high net worth founders, developers, and investors have an edge over many in a standard DAO. Soldiers of the Empire have the same rights as officers and generals of the Empire when it comes to democracy and government, so all wallets with more than $ 1,000 will have one vote, the only reason it is not $ 1 is the bots. Having this lower threshold can lead to bots, so all votes will be checked for suspicious activity and prevent Sybil attacks.

Empire rewards loyalty above all else, loyalty comes with promotions, and promotions come with rewards. As this is a DDAO and not a DAO, we reward based on time spent and not amount wagered. Of course, as stated above, this is open to abuse by bots, so the minimum amount of xVEMP needed to qualify for the ranks below is a monetary amount equal to $ 10,000. re are no ranks above this and promotions can still be earned with smaller wallets, but these will be from submitted and reviewed requests. Wearables and banners will be customized for different levels.

Any amount of xVEMP wagered

$ 10,000 + of xVEMP wagered for one year

$ 10,000 + of xVEMP wagered over two years

$ 10,000 + of xVEMP wagered over three years

$ 10,000 + from xVEMP Staked for five years

$ 10,000 + from xVEMP Staked for ten years







See section 5.6 for details on portable devices and apps for promotions outside of the above criteria.

1.4 – Distribution of tokens and protection of our soldiers

founders will not sell tokens with a monetary value greater than their previous PAYE income earned prior to the creation of the project, at any point in the first year of the project. founders will not sell tokens at all unless the circulating supply is worth much more than 1 million in the first year.

founders also agreed that they will never sell tokens worth more than their previous income in a year after that until the current supply of the projects is worth significantly more than 10 million. This does not include token sales for development, which will be decided by the DDAO once V1 is complete. above agreement is only modified if the circulating supply of tokens reaches 100 million market capitalization, where the limits are moved to percentages starting at 1%.

Developers and early contributors will have 95% of their tokens locked for a minimum of two years, acquiring in stages.

1.5 – VEMP Token Airdrop

Empire has nothing to do with the people of Decentraland and loves them, they are the greedy owners of large centralized estates that we wish to fight. Empire wants to show the people of Decentraland that we come in peace.

Users and landowners existing in decentraland will be able to claim wearables from after the launch of the platform. All MANA holders will qualify for these wearables. As always, the Empire rewards loyalty and those who claim and wear the Empire’s colors in Decentraland will qualify for the VEMP airdrop.

For TERRENOS owners to qualify, you must add the VEMP logo and colors to your land and houses to show solidarity with the project and the invasion of the Empires.

Empire can and will evolve through the centuries with the buildings and units in Decentraland, effectively invading since the Iron Age and releasing NFTs and features in more recent times as the Empire expands into new horizons. If relationships are developed with other projects that support our cause, these may also be included for VEMP distribution.

2.1 Empire combines APY within its strategies to

steady APY growth even with higher volume

Empires strategies are unique in that the user can not only increase the APY by betting the performance from one group to another, but the strategies are also designed to increase the performance naturally by reinvesting the profits to buy. more EARTH. This means that the additional monetized land will increase the APY, so increasing users of the strategy will not necessarily have a detrimental effect on group performance as it would in most other DAO DeFi pools.

2.2 – Encourage MANA on the platform

initial conquest of the Empire remains the metaverse, with the first voyage destined for Decentraland. Empire plans to raise a war chest with the following strategy. This strategy, as always, rewards honor and loyalty by providing first players with returns in both VEMP and MANA.

MANA wagered is forever locked into the strategy and the contributors to the strategy are forever rewarded. Initial performance will be purely VEMP, incentivized by the emissions program. This will be paid out over a set number of years, while LAND is continuously purchased and monetized using MANA bettors. Once the land provides income, the strategy will produce both VEMP and MANA until the full supply of VEMP is circulated.

Eventually, the emissions program will stop providing a return on this strategy, but at this point the LAND purchased will be vast and monetized enough that the strategy remains an attractive place for Soldiers to stake their MANA, as it still they will be rewarded with performance in MANA. of all the territories of the Empire.

2.3 – Leasing, purchase and maintenance of LAND of the DDAO

DDAO’s initial and multiple income streams are illustrated below. In addition to MANA, the platform-staked VEMP (xVEMP) will act as collateral to borrow from AAVE and others to stake tokens on off-platform strategies that will pay higher returns than the APY paid on borrowed funds. Earnings earned will be reimbursed to DDAO and xVEMP participants. DDAO will also decide if a percentage will be converted to MANA to purchase additional LAND for the Empire.

We will also rent LAND to homeowners and property owners for fixed-term APYs, allowing for fair and equal income streams from both the Decentralands population and MANA homeowners and Decentralands private homeowners. This land will be monetized and the proceeds will be divided, 50% will be redistributed to xVEMP holders and the other 50% will be converted to MANA and used to purchase more land.

3.1 – Limitations of the metaverse

Several projects have suffered from a similar lack of imagination when applying real world games to a virtual world. Empire will seek to expand and bring games and monetization that can only be possible in the virtual world, as well as allowing access to real-world favorites if desired.

Empire has found other tokens and DAOs in this space that suffer from some limitations: –

-Barriers to enter. Governance votes where, in some cases, users need more than $ 100,000 just to vote.

– Rewards shared between DAOS. Other protocols in this space will also allow those involved in governance to benefit from the rewards.

However, the purpose of Empires is to serve our loyal fans, not take advantage and reward those with the largest wallets. That is why the governance proposals will be set at an acceptable monetary minimum starting at $ 1000, rather than a percentage of tokens in distribution and all xVEMP owners will share the rewards.

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3.2 Vegas City, Metaverse Group / Ventures & Founders that won’t let you go

Metaverse Group and Decentraland have invested in Vegas City, which is fine, however Decentraland’s economy is changing with this and the Empire is seeing whales and centralized entities buying major sifates and renting the land, keeping 70-80% of profits while tenants keep 20 -30% Flamingos – Vegas City.

Land shortages combined with corporations are driving individual landowners out of decentraland, with multiple districts owned by the same people. Our DDAO will fight for change among the people of Decentraland and seek to unite the earth for a more just and prosperous future for all by implementing and promoting limits on the amount of rental sifates and rental income that can be earned from LAND in Decentraland.

conquest of the Empire aims to prevent the population and land owners from becoming a capitalist haven from advertising, centralized corporations, and to prevent the commodification of Decentralands users. Who will occupy the land when there are nothing but slot machines and advertisements?

3.3 Development schedule

V1 Layer 1 – Completion of the basic platform with NFTs launched on Opensea and ability to connect ETH wallets to the website.

V1 Layer 2 – NFT Powers Up and Running Trading Card Game Released on Platform

V1 Layer 3 – This can match Layer 4 if development is fast enough, launch VEMP and airdrop it to landowners connecting to the platform and announcing VEMP on their land / buildings. Raffle of wearables on the platform for MANA holders who connect to the platform and equip their empire wearables in Decentraland.

V1 Layer 4: Create liquidity pools and vEmpire DDAO.

V2 Layer 1 – Establish / initiate broadcast program to incentivize MANA staking. Most of the emissions from the blocks will be delivered to the MANA group, with diversification to follow in other strategies or projects that the empire evaluates.

V2 Layer 2 – LAND donations / leases on the platform already turn LAND into the Empire’s aesthetic and begin the invasion of Decentraland using the MANA wagered to purchase land for the Empire’s DDAO.

4.1 Tokenomics and Issuance Programming

initial supply of VEMP will be 90 million. In years one through three, VEMP will be minted at 20 per block, reducing to 15 per block in years four through twelve, 10 per block in years thirteen through nineteen, and five per block in years twenty and twenty-one.

This equates to a total supply of 810,720,000 VEMP or 810,720m VEMP: –

X = Printed tokens

Y = Block Rewards

Tokens minted per year – x = 2.6208m * y – x = 2.6208m * y

4.2 Inflation table

5.1 – battles, the arena and the card game

Empire is coming to invade decent land, but before that, the leader of the empire will decide between Romulus and Remus (5.4). side that has the most successful battles will have their colors and shields brought into battle. Not everyone will have the courage for the Arena.

VEMP is committed to xVEMP. xVEMP can be wagered / burned, at a previously agreed level, for example 10%, 25%, 50% dictated by the battle group that will give xsVEMP players. This is equal to xVEMP minus the percentage of the battle group they have entered. Fighting at Arena is a great honor. Risking one’s tokens for the advancement of the DDAO shows the true character of the soldiers, these brave gladiators will gain riches by winning, but the bravery of their losing counterparts will not go unnoticed by the DDAO emperors.

People in Arenas pools can fight others for it and earn tokens equivalent to their burn plus their opponents’ burn, minus a platform fee, which will be distributed to DDAOs (xVEMP holders). Example of a 50% burn group battle –

Markov Chain in Discrete Time – xsVEMP Battle

5.2 – Gladiator Empires and the kings of men

Empire understands that entering the arena is not without risk. For those with the courage, every month those wagered on xsVEMP and residing in the arena will have the opportunity to participate in a gladiator fight for the full support of DDAO. award will come from the DDAO and will not put the soldiers’ own funds at risk. soldiers will be chosen by the DDAO and will probably be those among us with the most intrepid reputations.

5.3 – Fair play

As stated above, losers receive a trading card in exchange for their loss of xVEMP / xsVEMP. This will make it easier for losers to win future battles, however the card cannot and will not be worth more than the loss as this would incentivize players to lose. trading card awarded for a loss will not be an NFT, this way it gives them an advantage for the future but not a financial incentive.

XVEMP holders will earn a percentage return based on a 20% cut of xsVEMP burned for xsVEMP holder battles. XsVEMP holders will get additional tokens from battles they win from opponents, but xsVEMP holders will also get xVEMP performance plus additional performance / tokens from battles they participate and win. However, they can also lose in their fights.

trading card game and the battle will be built first (V1 layer 1) and then V2 will be activated after the token, which will be the preparation and invasion of Decentraland. Depending on the method and results of the invasion, players will have the option to build houses, forts, towers, or whatever they want with the ability to besiege others for rewards.

vEMPIRE is divided into two rival factions, Romulus and Remus. DDAO will be a collection of both factions together. Players’ ETH addresses are automatically assigned to their faction based on monthly voting power and battles won, this means that for 1 month Romulus holders may have an advantage over Remus holders, and the following month may be different. This adds token purchase incentives to keep the project competitive and liquid, while ensuring that one faction has no control over voting for an extended period to keep the playing field level. Voting power is rebalanced by new project participants who are assigned to the faction with the lowest voting power and / or active voters. factions will have different unlockable and NFT features, as well as color codes.

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5.4 – Knowledge

After years of quietly building military force and ruling the surrounding areas, the time has come for the Empire to expand its borders and seek new places to rule. Empire has set its sights on Decentraland, where the opportunity exists to invade the land of others and bring the population under its command. Using efficient military training honed with time and the passion of its people, the Empire will soon embrace everything in its path.

However, not everything is as unified as it seems. After the peaceful reign of the former Emperor, his two sons compete for the leadership of the mighty Empire. Romulus and Remus never agreed, and each brother will not allow the other to stand in the way of unlimited power. Romulus is a strong leader of men, who wins the hearts of his people with responsibility and promises of power and wealth. Remus is the true son of the wolf. He is cunning and conspiratorial, and will use covert tactics to his advantage in battle. It may not be as popular as Romulus, but it won’t be easily beaten when it comes to long-term play.

Each brother comes with his own army, with unique skills and troops at his disposal. Use different soldiers for different scenarios to overcome any advantage the opponent may think he has over you. Take the all-out attack approach and throw strong troops at your opponent to win through brute force, or use your cunning and outmaneuver your opponent by strategically eliminating your key players and increasing the number of cards in your hand.

Choose a faction and back a brother to the end, leading him to his rightful place as the new Emperor. Train your army, invest your time and resources in building an unstoppable force, and take what belongs to you. n you will see your colors fly as far as the eye can see in the conquest of Decentraland and beyond.

5.5 – Trading Card Ideas / mes

Each faction has a finite deck, with a certain number of cards in total. re are multiples of each card except the named soldiers and heroes. When playing a game, the player will choose a “Legion” from a total of 30 cards, and his hand will be randomly assigned 15 cards from his Legion. All players will start with at least one of each regular card, plus a basic version of the faction leader. Augments are available by purchasing them as NFT, this will increase damage / abilities by a certain percentage, as well as provide strong perks to apply as a perk in battle.

Unique Soldier Cards can only be purchased as NFTs, as well as higher-tier “shiny” versions that have stronger perks and increased strength, as well as granting the player bragging rights. Players can buy packs of a certain number of cards, guaranteeing them at least one shiny or unique card.

5.6 – Wearables and no soldier is left behind

As they rise through the ranks of the Empire, soldiers will receive a device that reflects their achievement and loyalty. This standard armor can be upgraded, collected, and changed at will. Armor, of any rank, will be available for purchase, however, for each rank below a soldier and the wearable / armor he would like to purchase, the premium increases by 100%.

For example, a Bannerman buys a rare item of armor in his rank. This costs them 0.5 ETH or equivalent VEMP. A Legion member can also purchase this same armor, however this will cost you 1 ETH or the equivalent of VEMP. This stacks up the higher someone tries to buy outside of their range.

In the spirit of fair play and equality among all, as mentioned in section 1.3, the Empire is a DDAO and therefore democracy rules for free. Monetary limitations only apply when bots that would harm us could influence and corrupt our new democratic society and equal voting system.

Empire rewards loyalty above all else, and loyalty will never come only from those who have money, the Empire is built by the people for the people and therefore we will hear requests for rank increase from any soldier you think has. been

How to buy vEmpire (VEMP) Token With ?

first thing we have to do is create an account in if we do not have one, so here is the link: Registration.

STEP 1 TO BUY vEmpire (VEMP) Token:

first thing will be to register in if you are not already, so here is the registration link: Register GATE.IO

Once we are registered and with everything verified, we have to buy USDT to exchange it for VEMP Token and since it cannot be purchased with a card at, at least in Spain, we will use Binance to buy it and transfer it to

To buy USDT on Binance we will use the same method as buying ETH in the uniswap tutorial , but we simply buy USDT instead of ETH.

STEP 2 TO BUY vEmpire (VEMP) Token :

Once with our USDT we have to transfer them to and for this we have to go to our Wallet and click on “Deposit” to deposit the USDT.

By clicking on “Deposit” it will take us to the next page, in which we have to select the currency we want to deposit (USDT) and choose the TRON network.

We copy the address and go to the Exchange where we have the USDT, in our case it is Binance and we give it to withdraw, we have to paste the address that we copied before and choose the amount to withdraw.

And that’s it after a while we will have our USDT in

STEP 3 TO BUY vEmpire (VEMP) Token:

Now we have to enter and hit the market, and then hit “Professional”

Now we have to search for “VEMP” in the search engine and we will select the “VEMP / USDT” pair.

Once we give “VEMP” we go to the bottom right and put the amount of VEMP that we want to exchange for USDT.

We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have it in our Wallet.


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