VampDoge – Poocoin ad Live, continuous 500bnb pre-sale, one-time buyback and massive bnb reward protocol BSC Token

Cheers to all my creepy vampire friends, I come with great news: a project that is currently in pre-sale, has a thriving and growing community, a unique protocol, and great aspirations and things in the works. Retaining more than 4,200 members just one day after going fully public, the developers have proven their marketing capabilities on a large scale even in the pre-sale stage of the project. I can only imagine the pathways that once the launch arrives and the full product is live, growing at such a rapid rate so early in the life of a project is always a recipe for success. Unique «** Scarenomic **» system ** 6% Blood Transfusion – ** This is one of the features that I am most personally excited about, 6% of each transaction is distributed to all vampire holders in the form of BNB , and with the huge amount of volume that developers expect, all holders should earn an extremely large amount of BNB for free. ** 6% blood tax – ** To counteract sales and maintain a constantly increasing minimum price, 6% of each transaction is sent to the liquidity fund, therefore, the more volume in the project, the more the effect of sales is mitigated. ** 6% Cult Sacrifice – ** This is the buyback feature, 5% of the 6% is automatically bought back through the contract feature, while 1% is saved to use in an extremely rebuy milestone event. big, you heard that right, the developers are dedicating 1% of all volume taxes to a manual buyback, so while the 5% is constantly pouring in and increasing the price, the additional 1% will go to a monumental purchase at different milestones, possibly exceeding 6 figures at once. However, let’s back up and take a look at the buyback feature as a whole, if there is 10M in volume, more than 600k USD will automatically be invested in buying the token, which is really creepy. On a personal level, I am a connoisseur of shitcoin and am seeing all the necessary signs of rapid growth even before the platform is fully launched, or as this subreddit would call it signs of ‘wen moon’. Clean and concise narrative, graphics, and website are always a sure sign. I have no doubt that this coin may be another mega-dog coin right now. Pre-sale is currently in progress as mentioned in the title: [ = 2270 & chain = BSC) Website: [ Channel: [ / VampireDogeDungeon)

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