Twitter adds Bitcoin emoji

Social media platform Twitter officially added a Bitcoin emoji last weekend. From now on, when twitterers use the hashtag #bitcoin or #btc, the Bitcoin emoji will be added automatically.

The new addition of the Bitcoin emoji was personally announced by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Of course, that happened per Tweet:

The new Bitcoin emoji sparked great joy among Bitcoiners on the platform. After all, it is another piece of recognition and a visible way in which Bitcoin is slowly but surely penetrating wider society.

To celebrate the new emoji, members of the bitcoin community called for massive use of the new emoji. The initiative received widespread support and led to a tweet storm on Sunday that made #bitcoin trending on Twitter for some time. #bitcoin was also trending in the Netherlands for a short time.

In his tweet, Dorsey also referenced unicode, appearing to suggest that a Bitcoin emoji should also be added to the international unicode standard. This standard is used by all kinds of applications and has contained a Bitcoin character (?) since 2017, but an emoji is still missing.

Custom emojis on Twitter are rare and not cheap. Companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Dove reportedly paid $1 million for a custom emoji to use during marketing campaigns. In these cases, however, the custom emojis were removed after the campaigns.

Jack Dorsey

Dorsey is best known as the CEO of Twitter, but is also CEO of the popular payment provider Square in America. Moreover, he is a staunch supporter of Bitcoin. He once said that the internet needs its own currency and that he hopes Bitcoin will be.

Since then, he has regularly spoken positively about Bitcoin, for example about the role Bitcoin can play for the 1.2 billion people in Africa.

Square Crypto

Jack Dorsey doesn’t stop at messages of support, however. Unlike competing social media platforms that develop their own crypto coins, Dorsey decided to embrace Bitcoin. Via payment provider Square, it has therefore been possible for several years now to easily buy or sell bitcoins from the app. Dorsey also invested in the start-up Lightning Labs, which focuses on the development of the Lightning Network.

More impressively, however, Square Crypto, part of the overarching Square, has also hired some Bitcoin programmers. And certainly not the least. Promising is the appointment of Matt Corallo, one of the co-founders of Blockstream and known, among other things, as the creator of the BetterHash protocol.

Square recently patented another method of paying with cryptocurrency, in which the recipient is paid in regular money. Two weeks ago, it also announced an open-source “Lightning Development Kit” that allows developers to create second-tier solutions with relative ease.

Twitter & Bitcoin

Twitter’s embrace of Bitcoin seems to be lagging a bit behind Square, but perhaps the addition of the Bitcoin emoji is a first symbolic step.

Some have been speculating for some time about the possibility of adding Bitcoin functionality to Twitter, for example to be able to tip small amounts . A collaboration with sister company Square would be the obvious choice. Whether there are actually concrete plans for this is not known, but it is certainly not inconceivable.

Meanwhile, the same kind of functionality is already possible via the Tippin browser extension, which allows tweeters to tip each other via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. However, that requires installation of the browser extension and is of course not the same as a real integration of Bitcoin into Twitter itself.

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