Tutorial add Fantom network (FTM) to Metamask and pass FTM

In this article we are going to make a tutorial to add the Fantom network to Metamask and to buy FTM Token and pass it to Metamask, for those who do not know the Fantom network, it is the FTM Token network, which in the following article we will talk about: FTM Token.

Here we also leave you the latest tokens that have come out through the Fantom network.

What is FTM?

For those who do not know what the FTM token and the Fantom network are, here is a small explanation that I took from the official website, for more information read the Fantom Token post on our website.

FTM is the primary token on the Fantom network. FTM is used to protect the network through participation, for governance, for payments and fees.

How to send FTM to MetaMask

You can send FTM Opera tokens to any Ethereum address in MetaMask. This means that MetaMask allows a single address to function for both Ethereum tabs and Fantom Opera tabs. This opens up countless possibilities for interacting with decentralized applications.

Without further ado, here is the tutorial on how to add the FANTOM network (FTM) to metamask

We are going to add it to Metamask, but in TrustWallet it is practically the same process.

How to buy FTM FANTOM and add it to METAMASK?

first thing will be to buy FTM Token and for this we are going to use Binance, here is the complete tutorial on how to buy Fantom (FTM) Token in Binance.

Once we have our Fanton (FTM) Token in Binance, we have to pass them to metamask and for this we first have to add the FANTOM network to metamask.

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STEP 1 Tutorial add Fantom network to Metamask.

first thing we have to do to add the Fantom network to metamask, is to go to our Metamask Wallet and then click networks in the upper right part if you are on PC, I leave an image for you to see it better:

  • Once we give it there, we have to go down to “Personalized CPR”, I leave another image for you to see as well:

STEP 2 Tutorial add Fantom network to Metamask.

  • Now that we enter personalized CPR, we have to fill in the boxes with the following information:
  • Network Name: Fantom Opera
  • RPC Url: https://rpcapi.fantom.network (or https://rpc.ftm.tools/)
  • ChainID: 250
  • Symbol: FTM

Block Explorer URL: https://ftmscan.com/


And voila, we would have the Fantom network added to Metamask.

STEP 1 Transfer FTM Token from Binance to Metamask

  • Once the Fantom network is added, we have to go to Binance (If you are not registered, do so) and go to the part of “Wallet” and then “FIAT and SPOT”.
  • Well once we give it there we will go to our Wallet and search among our «FTM» tokens
  • We give it down and the token will come out, so we click on «Withdraw»
  • Now we have to copy our Metamask address and paste it in the indicated place and select the FTM network.
  • We select the amount of FTM that we want to spend and in a matter of minutes we will have our FTM Token in Metamask.

I hope you liked the tutorial and if so, share it with your friends or wherever you want to use it. more

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