Trezor announces model T

A hardware wallet is the way to store and manage your bitcoins in a user-friendly, yet completely secure way. In the past we have therefore already paid extensive attention to the various hardware wallets that are available. Soon the new model of Trezor will be on the market, the model T.

The announcement of the Trezor model T took place a while ago, on November 1. This date was deliberately chosen: November 1 is the date that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin white paper exactly nine years ago. The launch is therefore a tribute to the creator(s) of Bitcoin.

New features

Trezor’s new hardware wallet has an updated design and a new interface. Unlike its predecessor, the Trezor One, the Model T has a touchscreen on the device itself. This makes the device easier to use, but also safer. Entering information, such as your pin code or recovery seed, no longer needs to be done via a computer, but can be done directly on the device itself.

The Model T will use new firmware, written from scratch called TREZOR Core. This makes the design of the model T not only more secure, but also makes it easier to support different coins. The code is of course open source.

Please wait

Unfortunately, the model T is currently only available for pre-order and the available wallets are already completely sold out at this stage. The official launch will take place in early 2018. will of course do an extensive review of the new hardware wallet.

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