Trending tokens and shitcoin July 2, 2021, most wanted tokens.

In this article that we do from time to time at, we bring you the most sought-after trending tokens or tokens and new shitcoins, you already know that hundreds or thousands of new shitcoins come out daily and we try to speak as much as possible, but it is impossible, apart, some last minutes, others are SCAM and others we do not even know that they exist.

Without further ado we go with the list:


polyTOPIA POLYTOPIA 0x8ef10b7bd9adb6398473117872e7a7de8822a6b1 BSC 1h ago

Floge Inu FLOGE 0x029490e0ac4f76bde50d9f349be1da2706050df9 ETH 4h ago

MathFlokiFinance MATHFLOKI 0x6d48fd747972ced15f7caff0219fce91e6d53545 BSC 4h ago

LittleGamer LGAMER 0x44a3a602fdceeb6a45e73168fd0c415859e9479f BSC 5h ago

Poly Baby Doge BABYDOGE 0xcc3cac22adb8531834e284b80fc3fb657689ab72 BSC 7h ago

Yuán yuán YUAN 0x4f8cc34bfdd972bdbeaf4cc5118fba1382abb550 ETH 7h ago

DogeFloki Inu DFI 0x668fd5a17cf0ae6349343062fddad5163507ade4 ETH 11h ago

StarLink STARL 0x8e6cd950ad6ba651f6dd608dc70e5886b1aa6b24 ETH 11h ago

Highlight HIL 0x0637741ae9b819c3ecd9e23b85bdd43f64190023 BSC 14h ago

Million MM 0x6b4c7a5e3f0b99fcd83e9c089bddd6c7fce5c611 ETH 17h ago

HackerHouse HCK 0xcfff4c3a0213ddec0020f81d1766bc59d2a07457 BSC 17h ago

OLYMPUS OLYMPUS 0x18b426813731c144108c6d7faf5ede71a258fd9a BSC 18h ago

Aergo Finance AERGO 0x90e235b4383a9568329e87893bdd49c5ee3469e0 BSC 21h ago

Resardis Token RSD 0x73627974adea82397bcf7fac5848207cce88938d ETH 23h ago

BabyBUSD BABYBUSD 0xa22dc6babab39c2d83f0d4b174ef7016424253a7 BSC 1d ago

Artex Token ARTEX 0xf1b032e7225d1c9068ce317a956a0e8007591ba0 BSC 1d ago

LadyDoge LADYDOGE 0x384f5a9b720349015a27251684c7a1510dd151ba BSC 2d ago


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