Tradingview collaborates with free solo climber Alex Honnold after rebranding

Tradingview has teamed up with Alex Honnold, a legend from the climbing world. move is part of a broad rebranding of the world’s most popular trading platform for cryptocurrencies and other stocks.

Tradingview logo has also changed in recent days. This has sparked some controversy among the crypto community on.

Alex Honnold and the risks of trading

Tradingview, the world’s most popular and valued trading platform, is associated with global climbing legend Alex Honnold. One of the results of the collaboration is a short promotional video that platform users can see after redirecting from the home page:

slogan for this ad campaign is “Look First / n Jump”, which well illustrates the nature of the work of climbers and traders. In the final seconds of the promo video, Alex wonderfully connects these two worlds, saying:

“First you train, then you work hard. folks at TradingView understand that preparation is the key to success, whether you’re trading stocks or climbing a cliff.

Both the Tradingview home page and official social media accounts now include photos with Honnold.

Tradingview Official Profile

Additionally, the analysis and discussion section of Tradingview has posted a series of mini interviews with Honnold. In one of them, when asked what “risk” means, the legendary climber replies:

“For me, risk means uncertainty. An unknown result. Or the possibility of an unwanted result. I guess “risk” is like rolling the dice and seeing what happens. Which is something that I try to avoid as much as possible when climbing ”.

Who is Alex Honnold?

Honnold, who turns 36 this year, has gained tremendous popularity for his free solo hits. It is a type of climbing without ropes or protection in the event of a fall. Only the climber is on the wall, he wears special shoes and carries a chalk bag to increase friction. No security measures.

Honnold has climbed many extremely difficult walls in this style, the most impressive of which is the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California, USA. summit has a vertical wall of 2307 m and it takes climbers several days to reach it with all their equipment. Honnold climbed El Capitan in 3 hours and 56 minutes on June 3, 2017.

result is detailed in a 2018 National Geographic production film. It describes the history of the preparations and the ascent of the summit itself. You can also learn more about Honnold in his co-authored biopic “Alone on the Wall.”

Tradingview rebranding

partnership with Honnold is part of a broader rebranding of the company, which now ranks as the world’s most popular financial website. according to SimilarWeb. platform registers more than 30 million visits per month and is currently ranked as the 72nd most popular website in the world. In addition, it is considered the highest rated financial application in the App Store, with more than 60,000 reviews and an average score of 4.9.

In recent days, the Tradingview logo change has sparked a lot of controversy over crypto. Users have outdone themselves with their own ideas to improve the change received rather coldly. platform itself responded to criticism with humor and was delighted to share the best ideas on its official profile.

Tradingview has also signed a sponsorship with free skier Caite Zeliff and adventurer Leo Houlding, who are now featured on the site’s home page. Commenting on the partnership with Alex Honnold and other extreme sports figures, James Maddison, Tradingview’s chief marketing officer, said:

“Finance is synonymous with risk. If you want to have a meaningful chance for continued and lasting success, you need to prepare well and know what the hell you are doing.


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