Top Five Crypto Altcoin Winners of October 2021

SCRT has increased exponentially for a week.

After reaching a new high, CRV tested the previous resistance around $ 4.20.

October was a great month for cryptocurrencies. On October 20, Bitcoin (BTC) rose 32% to a new all-time high, while six altcoins rose 100%, led by Shiba Inu (SHIB). Let’s take a look at the top five cryptocurrencies that grew the most in October.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB has been on the rise since the beginning of October. It has increased since October 23. SHIB grew 217 percent in just four days. But a major lie the resistance level at $ 0.000088 negated this. As of now, it is the external Fibonacci retracement level of 4.618. It acts as a local peak during an upward movement. For October, the price has increased by 1005%.

It also corresponds to the 1.61 Fibonacci outer retracement level since the last dip since the May high. Finally, the volume has declined since the pump was launched, indicating a slowdown in the uptrend.

Secret (SCRT)

SCRT has increased exponentially for a week. On October 28, he crossed the $ 10 mark for the first time. Between $ 13.90 and $ 14.25 is the next resistance zone. Since both levels have a similar goal, the region must be resilient. For October, the price increased 350%.

Frax Share Price (FXS)

Since October 20, FXS has grown rapidly. However, the current price is at the last resistance level before the all-time high of $ 14.80. On October 26, this resistance region turned down FXS, forming a long upper wick. However, he is currently attempting a second breakout.

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If successful, the next resistance is at $ 24.90. latest drop was measured at an outer 1.61 Fibonacci retracement barrier. For October, the price increased 224%.

Fantom (FTM)

Like SHIB and FXS, the FTM increase intensified on October 22. On Oct 26, FTM retraced to $ 3.45 from the 2.61 Fib external retracement.

He regained his balance and tried again, but failed. If a breakthrough occurs, $ 4.41 would be the next resistance. While 3.61 external Fibonacci retracement resistance level for the latest drop. By October, the price was up 195%.

Curved DAO Token (CRV)

CRV has risen rapidly since October 22, when it broke a declining resistance line. This marked the conclusion of the previous correction of the all-time high.

After reaching a new high, CRV tested the previous resistance around $ 4.20 and found support. On October 28, it hit another all-time high before supporting again. At $ 6.85, there is resistance. Also, the 1.61 Fibonacci outer retracement level corresponds to the latest drop. For October, the price is up 120%.

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