Top 5 NFT Games to Invest in 2022

A new wave of blockchain-based video games is coming. And there has never been a better time to invest in them than now. So, here are the top 5 NFT games you should consider investing in next year!

1. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties experiment was a milestone for blockchain gaming. Although all tokens are fungible, ERC-721 tokens can be unique using a few lines of code. In fact, that’s what makes them so popular with cryptocurrency fans. For example, you can raise your own kittens and create rare offspring.

Some players may not have been financially successful, but CryptoKitties has proven its worth in non-fungible token games. y make collectibles more exciting because users know that their kittens will be unique. Considering the success of CryptoKitties, many hope that it will inspire future developers to create more such tokens.

2. Chibi fighters

We continue with our top 5 NFT games with Chibi Fighters. This is a 2D fighting game that focuses on characters based on different cryptocurrencies. It allows you to take your favorite coin and turn it into a playable character with unique abilities.

In Chibi Fighters, you win by attacking your opponent until his health reaches zero. However, if a coin falls, its value increases. As a result, Chibi Fighters puts your strategic mind to work. For example, do you attack an enemy’s sweet spot to deal maximum damage? Are you trying to weaken the coins without breaking them?

This type of participation is not only fun. It makes players think about how they approach cryptocurrency as an investment. It also helps introduce NFT to non-crypto enthusiasts. Also, Chibi Fighters combines two things that many players love, cute animals and competition. While other games have used animals as tokens or symbols, none have used real animals as fighters. refore, this offers a unique experience from the point of view of the gameplay and from the point of view of the brand identity.

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3. CryptoCelebrities

This decentralized application allows users to collect, buy and sell celebrity-based virtual cards.

Each CryptoCelebs paper represents a unique digital asset that you can own. However, you do need ETH to play. Some users have sold their cards for more than $ 100,000 each. Also, it is like Pokémon Go, but better because all its transactions are carried out on Ethereum’s public ledger. refore, they cut out the middlemen.

Finally, it is an excellent example of how NFTs could allow consumers to connect with brands like never before. As interest in cryptocurrencies grows, so does ownership of CryptoCelebrities. As a result, it regularly ranks in the top ten applications on DappRadar, which tracks activity on active blockchain applications.

4. Etheremon

Another entry in our top 5 NFT games is Etheremon. This game is a decentralized world for Ether Monsters, where you can capture, train and trade crypto creatures. Unlike most cryptocurrency games, Etheremon doesn’t run on a single server. Instead, players directly interact with each other via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently all the monsters reside on the Etheremon mainnet and it doesn’t fit in very well. In early 2018, another team of developers took over the maintenance of Etheremon from Spooky House Studios. This happened due to a lack of resources from the original developers.

Since then, several new features have emerged, such as Towny System, Guild Battle, and Ring Arena. Furthermore, Etheremon requires at least 15-20 active users playing at any given time. Otherwise, content creation is not feasible.

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5. Zeon Wars

Zeon Wars is one of the examples of the top 5 NFT games that operate on Ethereum. company behind this is Zeon and it currently has a market capitalization of $ 1.9 million and over $ 10,000 in daily volume. Also, the game is rated 5/5 on DappRadar, which means that gamers love it.

A key feature of Zeon Wars is that it uses a standard ERC721 NFT. This allows players to be part of a decentralized gaming ecosystem. re, they can own and trade their digital cards with other players. game also has a built-in Deck Builder. This feature creates a one-of-a-kind trading card experience, as no two decks are the same. refore, you can even combine your deck with your friends and compete against other members of the community.

With its unique gameplay features and accessible ruleset, Zeon Wars appeals to both casual gamers and TCG veterans. Players looking for exciting and engaging PVP experiences within a highly collectible environment can count on Zeon Wars.

bot collection gives you access to unique hand-drawn characters and has different strategies as it balances each class. Also, each bot will provide you with a different set of skills. So, you can collect them all before going into battle against another player. Alternatively, you can partner with someone who shares similar bot options.

Conclusion: the 5 best NFT games

Non-fungible tokens are revolutionizing the gaming industry. Over time, as more games start to support these new tokens, people will learn to appreciate their true value. And this is what you want if you are an NFT investor.

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