Top 3 Axies for PvP (SECRET CLASSES)

In this article we will give you the Axies classes and which ones are the best for PVP.

An Axie’s class is important to combat, because each class is weak and / or strong against other classes. Axie Infinity has 6 “normal” classes: Beast, Bug, Bird, Reptile, Plant, and Aquatic.

Axie classes

  • Aquatics are incredibly versatile due to their high speed and good HP. y are particularly strong against: Beast, Insect, Mech, but are weak against: Reptile, Grass, Dusk.
  • Beasts are strong against reptiles, plants, twilight, but they are weak against aquatic, birds, and dawn.
  • Birds are strong against Beast, Insect, Mech but weak against Reptiles, Plants, Dusk
  • Insects are strong against Reptiles, Plants, Dusk, but weak against Aquatic, Birds, Dawn.
  • Plants are strong against Aquatic, Bird, Dawn but weak against Beast, Bug, Mech. Plants’ ability to absorb a large amount of damage, while also gaining energy and destroying the opponent’s energy, makes them an easy option when choosing your equipment build.
  • Reptiles make a great sub-tank or out-of-tank, due to their high speed and base HP. y are strong against: Aquatic, Bird, Dawn, but are weak against: Beast, Insect, Mech.

three “secret” classes in Axie Infinity are:

  • Mech: Descendant of a purebred Axie Beast and a purebred Axie Bug.
  • Dawn: Descendant of a purebred Plant Axie and a purebred Bird Axie.
  • Dusk: Descendant of a purebred Axie reptile and a purebred aquatic Axie.

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top 3 AXIES that are most recommended.

When talking about the most popular Axies, they would be Plant, Beast, and Aqua. se three in recent months have become some of the most common PVP (ABP) combinations. Most players feel that this is the best combination and gives you the best chance to climb the ranks of PvP. However, we personally believe that the Bird, Beast and Grass (BBP) combination is the most consistent combination for playing PvE and PvP.

Why BBP?

Birds are your damage dealers. A common card combination is Dark Swoop with 3 other attacks to “Snipe” the enemy target faster. This could be an Aqua (the second fastest Axie behind the Bird) or a bird from the enemy team. sniper is an extremely effective strategy against other combinations of BBP and even ABP.

beasts fulfill their strong supporting role. With cards like the Single Combat and Double Nutcracker card combo, these can take down tanks in one play if your cards are played right.

plants play the role of tank for the team. Its ability to absorb massive attacks with cards like Pumpkin is why it is essential on any team.

Remember: having the “best team” still depends on how you strategically play your cards.


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