Token $ VNY ~ Personalized Wallet Address Revolution

$ VNY is the first token launched on any blockchain to provide custom wallet addresses for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Litecoin, and Dogecoin chains.

A custom address is a customizable address that is not a proxy. generated addresses are the new ones visible in the explorers of the chain. By supporting different Blockchains, $ VNY can generate custom wallet addresses in different ways.

idea for $ VNY was born to make the journey easier for all cryptocurrency users, from beginners to experts.

What are the project use cases?

$ VNY aims to be the leader in the distribution of its product for companies that accept Cryptos, miners interested in ranking their income from platforms, holders who want to instantly recognize their wallet from a multitude of others, people who are looking to show their wallet personalized, users who feel more secure when sending cryptocurrencies to an address they recognize and many more.

project has yet to be discovered by the cryptocurrency communities, making $ VNY a possible sleeping giant in the cryptocurrency world due to the enormous potential of the product’s applied use cases in the real world.

But it’s sure?

$ VNY product is completely secure, which means that no one other than the address requester will be able to obtain the private key necessary to generate the Vanity Wallet address. $ VNY team, using the customer’s public key, will produce a string of code called a partial private key, generated with high-GPU computing power, which is related to the requested custom address. Once the chain is received by the customer, the only step required will be to merge it with the original private key using an offline $ VNY tool provided by the team, creating the new keys for the new Vanity Wallet address.

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Some $ VNY clients have been fortunate enough to obtain their personalized wallet from a large selection of candidates, spawning wallets never seen before in the cryptocurrency world, such as 1SaToShiYPiWYEevVwxYG6hkDfAT9N9Fy, which commemorates the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Satoshi Nakamoto, OECD658Ca12368AFF8A9Ca12368AFFE65Ca12368AFF8AD12368AFF8AD1268AFF8AD12368AFF8AD126C04AFF1AD1268AFF4C0368AFF1AD1268AFF1AD0x368AFF1AD0xC368AFF1A04C04C03C08 for a true coffee lover.

project is fully audited by Solidity.Finance, which certifies the security of the token’s smart contract.

$ VNY Token also has frictionless commission redistribution that rewards its holders and deposits in cash, each trade increasing the project’s liquidity pool, as well as deflationary functions with each transaction, reducing the total circulating supply and increasing the value of the token. per se.

A market is developing for buying, selling and exchanging personalized wallet addresses, such as packaged NFTs. Merchants will use the $ VNY tokens solely as payment currency and the Litepaper and Project Roadmap detail the journey ahead of VANITY, a unique and innovative project.

Released on May 28, 2021 with the Italy-based developer and founders, $ VNY is now available for purchase through Pancakeswap, which keeps the entire LP locked for 3 years.

$ VNY team has been silent on the next stages of the project, but is quick to point out that Vanity Addresses is not the only product or project that $ VNY will see in the near future. It is clear that this team has exciting and revolutionary ideas for the crypto space.


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