The week of the Lapps (2/2)

Earlier this week we wrote about the week of the Lapps: Lightning Apps. The week is part of the beta launch of the Lightning Network. Seven Lapps will be announced throughout the week demonstrating the power of the Lightning Network. In the previous article we already described the first four announced Lapps. A number of very interesting Lapps have now been demonstrated:

  • Nanopos . Nanopos is a streamlined point-of-sale system intended for companies that offer fixed-price products, such as cafes and food stands. Sellers can easily create a catalog of products for customers to choose from the list. A QR code is then shown to the customer, which the customer can use to make a Lightning payment to the seller for the product. Below a demo:

This point-of-sale application of Lightning payments is one of the most accessible (and understandable) use cases for making Lightning payments. Mobile Lightning wallets are in full development and will be available soon. This makes making Lightning payments accessible to a wider audience. Then one can search the wild for a merchant that accepts Lightning payments through (for example) Nanapos.

  • Ifpaytt (If Pay Then That) . Ifpaytt works together with Paypercall. It uses the IFTTT (If This Then That) infrastructure, which allows certain actions to be linked to certain triggers. For example, performing a number of programmed actions when a Lightning Network invoice is paid – without human intervention. This allows anyone to request a micropayment for random actions on web pages.
  • The Lightning Jukebox . The Lightning jukebox is a video jukebox linked to YouTube that can play a specific video on demand in exchange for a micropayment. A simple proof-of-concept that shows what is possible when using peer-to-peer payments.

With this, the week of the Lapps unfortunately comes to an end. The seven use cases demonstrated demonstrate the power of the Lightning Network and are just the beginning of the many different applications we will see in the field. The announced tools mainly serve as a basis for developers to get creative with the Lightning Network. In addition, the tools have been made very accessible, so that the threshold for applying Lightning payments has been lowered.

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