The week of the Lapps (1/2)

Every day this week, Blockstream is announcing a new Lightning App, known as ?«£Lapp,?«• as part of the Lightning Network beta launch. The Lapps demonstrate the power of the Lightning Network and clarify which new payment models will become possible. We previously wrote about some of the first Lapps.

Blockstream’s announcements will be made on Twitter and in a series of blog posts. The seven Lapps being announced this week come from independent developer Nadav Ivgi who builds on Lightning Charge, a tool that makes it easy for web developers to test Blockstream’s Lightning implementation. So far the following Lapps have been announced:

  • FileBazaar . FileBazaar is an e-commerce tool for digital artists. The artists themselves have full control over the distribution of their photos, videos and other digital content. For example, potential buyers can pay per view to get a taste of the content before paying the artist via Lightning for access to the rest of the material. Due to the simplicity of implementation, and the use of peer-to-peer payments, digital artists gain full control over their content and are no longer dependent on advertisers or other platforms.
  • Lightning Publisher for WordPress . Lightning Publisher is a WordPress plugin that allows writers to self-publish paid content. The writers can receive payments themselves when they share their texts via WordPress. Readers can preview the articles and then choose to read the full article via a micropayment directly to the author. This Lapp also gives the writers full control over their product, so that they too no longer have to depend on third parties for income.
  • Nano Tip . NanoTip is a simple tool that allows people to send each other a small digital “tip” without compromising the recipient’s privacy as is usually the case with regular bitcoin payments. This functionality can be applied widely across the internet, allowing users of all kinds of different platforms to send each other a small payment as a thank you.
  • payper call . Paypercall allows web developers to request payment for specific API requests, such as sending an SMS or receiving a micropayment for processing a photo. This makes an entirely new group of online services possible.

Stay tuned to Blockstream’s blog for announcements of the next Lapps!

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