The New Money episode 10: Who controls the new money?

GB In Het Nieuwe Geld, Reinjan examines our monetary system, how it works, where it gets stuck and how it will change in the future. In this episode, Reinjan tries to bridge the gap between the current system and Bitcoin. Is it a worthy replacement?

Who has power over the new money?

In this last episode, Reinjan goes to The Hague to attend a round table discussion about our financial system. He is the only journalist who thought it was worth attending. It shows how little interest the press and society has in this subject. A shame, because this is essentially about how we distribute wealth in our society. Who will be in charge of the new money, what should we be wary of, and what can we do about it?

You can listen to this episode of Het Nieuwe Geld via the BNR site, or via all well-known podcast apps.

In this podcast:

  • Arnoud Boot, Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets at the UvA and council member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR).
  • Mahir Alkaya, Member of Parliament for the SP and is one of the few MPs who is actively involved in our monetary system.

The New Money

Reinjan Prakke is a child of the 90s and is used to prosperity. He has his own company, but does not invest. Until he comes into contact with cryptocurrencies through friends. This is his lucky shot he thinks and he invests in it. Successfully! Euphoria takes hold of him.

Until the bubble bursts and the price implodes. Much of the profit has evaporated, but he has gained a fascination with our monetary system. This is where his personal quest starts to dissect how our monetary system works and what role bitcoin can play in it in the future.

The New Money is made possible in part by Bitonic

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