The New Money Episode 1: “My Bubble”

GB Reinjan Prakke is a child of the nineties and is used to prosperity. He has his own company, but does not invest. Until he comes into contact with cryptocurrencies through friends. This is his lucky shot, he thinks, and he invests in it. Successfully! Euphoria takes hold of him. Until the bubble bursts and the price implodes

Result: a fascination for our monetary system. Is it future proof? And what is the role of crypto in the future? He visits economists and asks questions that are so obvious that they are not asked enough. What is Money? To end with the search for the future of our money and our monetary system.

My Bubble

Something strange is happening. A loss that initially feels like a period of mourning, like a constant stone in his stomach, turns into a drive to understand what happened to him. What is the added value of all that cryptocurrency? Where a bubble has burst, a seed has been planted.

He develops a lust for knowledge that he did not have in his student days. For two years he listens to podcasts, audiobooks and lectures for hours a day. First only about Bitcoin. Then more and more about macroeconomics and monetary history.

For years the DNB, the ECB and the IMF were vague, intangible concepts from the newspapers, but now he is beginning to understand more and more about the choices that are made. He is shocked by the impact of these decisions. Of how political they are and how few people seem to care.

Hundreds of billions of euros have been printed over the past decade and no one on the street cares about it. Why? This is in fact a form of taxation, isn’t it? With Bitcoin, for the first time in history, we can ensure that money is independent of governments and banks. Wouldn’t that be a logical step in the evolution of our monetary system?


You can listen to this episode of Het Nieuwe Geld via the BNR site, or via all well-known podcast apps.

The New Money is made possible in part by Bitonic

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