The last episode (S2E10) of Het Nieuwe Geld is online!

‘The decentralized alternative’ is the title of the last episode of the second season of the BNR podcast Het Nieuwe Geld. This time Reinjan Prakke is looking for an answer to the question: Can a decentralized financial system ensure that the financial sector is more at the service of society?

Reinjan talks to Bert Slagter, Alfred Prevoo and Martijn Jeroen van der Linden to learn more about decentralization, Bitcoin and the possible role of this new form of money in society in the future.

The latest episode of Het Nieuwe Geld can be listened to on Spotify, BNR, Apple Podcasts and of course on

The New Money

In the BNR podcast Het Nieuwe Geld, Reinjan Prakke investigates the influence of the financial sector on society and how our financial system will change in the future. In the second season, Reinjan starts again with the most basic questions: What is the financial sector? What is the social function of a bank? What is the use of financial markets? To ultimately look for the future of the financial sector. Reinjan takes you on his journey and journey of discovery, drawing from his own experiences and speaking with various experts to get to the heart of the matter and to convey the essence in an understandable way.


The oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands, Bitonic, is once again sponsoring the podcast Het Nieuwe Geld. Bitonic has been a stable factor in the chaotic crypto market for 10 years. Education is central to the company. For that reason, they make, the Het Nieuwe Geld podcast and more possible.

The podcast series Het Nieuwe Geld is in line with Bitonic’s vision and uses objective journalism to investigate the role of money and the financial sector in society.

Listen to season 1 of Het Nieuwe Geld here.

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