The city of Jackson also wants to embrace Bitcoin: salaries and bitcoin mining

The city of Jackson, Tennessee, wants to embrace Bitcoin, Mayor Scott Conger said. Following Miami, the city is exploring options for paying salaries in bitcoin and is considering bitcoin mining, putting earnings on the city’s balance sheet.

“If we don’t prepare and embrace the future, it will pass us by – and the future is #crypto #Bitcoin ,” Mayor Scott Conger recently declared via Twitter. Jackson has about 67,000 inhabitants and is located in the US state of Tennessee.

Above: Mayor Scott Conger

Last year, the Jackson City Council passed a motion to study the technology. The aim was to understand it better, to investigate the possibilities and to remove any barriers. Apparently the results were satisfactory, because Jackson recently decided to press ahead with a ‘blockchain task force’.

?ǣThe plans are pretty simple at the moment ,?ǥ Conger said earlier this month, ?ǣWe want to encourage the use of crypto. I want to get people who are much more knowledgeable about blockchain than me in a room to discuss how we can integrate crypto into the city.”

Since then, Conger has sat down with various market parties and that seems to have strengthened his enthusiasm. Especially in the past few days, a penny seems to have fallen.

?ǣDollar-Cost Averaging in assets that appreciate in value, such as cryptocurrencies, is one way we can bridge the gap between rich and poor and empower people financially,?ǥ Conger wrote Monday. On Tuesday, he added laser eyes to his profile picture.

On Wednesday, he took it up a notch: “What does the future of cryptocurrency hold for the City of Jackson? We’re exploring payroll options for our employees. And even more exciting – we’re seriously considering mining bitcoins and putting them on our balance sheet. ” . Conger follows in the footsteps of Mayor Francis Suarez, who wants to turn Miami into a Bitcoin hotspot with similar plans.

?ǣLocal governments will be at the forefront of Bitcoin adoption, and together with [Bitcoin], will unleash a new industrial revolution with sustainable economies helping to bridge the gap between rich and poor ,?ǥ said Mayor Scott Conger. .

Nevertheless, the many rocket emojis make you wonder whether it is really about financial emancipation, or secretly about a rising share price.

Trend or PR stunt?

Is it a new trend among municipalities, or just a PR stunt? Maybe both. Miami Mayor Suarez also made headlines earlier by voicing his support for Bitcoin. Suarez hopes to draw the Bitcoin sector to the Miami in the hopes that it will generate investment and high-paying jobs.

In the short term, the strategy already paid off, as Miami secured a $135 million sponsorship deal and managed to attract “the largest bitcoin event in history” to the city. Mayor Conger may have a similar approach.

That might take away the shine a bit, but it’s also part of it. After all, much of Bitcoin’s success is driven by financial incentives: miners secure the network for profit, traders and speculators create liquidity in the market because of returns, banks offer Bitcoin services because they can earn money, and governments can be accommodative in order to also get a piece of cake.

While none of these parties has a particular ideological predilection for Bitcoin, the financial incentives ensure that they all contribute to the Bitcoin economy.

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