The Bitcoin Guide: Trading on the exchange BL3P

A bitcoin exchange is a trading platform on which you can easily trade in bitcoin. In the Netherlands, for example, you can do this on Bitonic’s BL3P exchange. Is an exchange new to you? We wrote two guides to get you started.

If you occasionally buy bitcoin and keep it in your own wallet, then simply buying (or selling) via is probably the easiest. However, if you want to trade in bitcoin and therefore buy and sell regularly, the transaction time on the network slows down the process and the miner’s fees quickly pile up. Most traders therefore use an exchange.


A bitcoin exchange is a trading platform where you can trade in bitcoin easily, quickly and relatively cheaply. Exchanges work on the basis of accounts, on which you can deposit a balance with which you trade. During trading, the funds do not leave the exchange, so that trading takes place immediately and you do not pay miner’s fees (but a small trading fee) for every transaction.

Exchanges also offer various means to optimize trading. The order book gives you insight into all open orders and with limit orders you can specify certain price levels at which you want to buy or sell. Exchanges also offer insight into your previous trades.

Worldwide there are countless exchanges from which to choose. Choosing who to entrust your money to is not easy. Exchanges are sometimes targeted by hackers, foreign exchanges are usually not under Dutch supervision and many exchanges are so-called ‘altcoin casinos’.

Are you looking for a reliable exchange from a Dutch party? Then we recommend BL3P is the bitcoin exchange of Bitonic, the oldest bitcoin company in the Netherlands. Bitonic has been around since 2012 and is known as a bitcoin and privacy champion. BL3P is not an altcoin casino, but Bitcoin Only .

To help you on your way, we wrote two guides:

  • Click here for the BL3P verification guide
  • Click here for the BL3P Trading Guide


New: Soon you will also be able to make deposits and withdrawals via Lightning transactions on BL3P! The Lightning Network is a new technology for bitcoin that makes transactions lightning fast and cheap. Depositing or withdrawing Bitcoins via Lightning is therefore much faster and cheaper than via normal Bitcoin transactions. The functionality is now being tested and will be available to all users shortly.

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