The 17,000 Bitcoin Puzzle

Does the bitcoin price go the wrong way every time after a purchase or sale and have you sold exactly at the bottom again? Perhaps it is wise to ignore the trade for a while and let your creativity loose on a puzzle. Good detective work could well lead to a reward of 4.87 bitcoins, the equivalent of almost ???????17,000! Update 2 November: price is now worth ???????29,000!

An artistic chessboard? A mythical representation of a phoenix and a white dove? Or a creative QR code?

Besides the fact that you can let your imagination run wild on this work, there is more to this painting. There are bitcoins hidden in it. And no small amount; 4.87 bitcoins are waiting for whoever manages to decipher this work of art.

Artist Marguerite Christine, Coin_Artist on Twitter, has been having fun again. Since 2015, the solution has been sought on Bitcointalk and Reddit, so far without results.

This masterpiece is the third part of the triptych ‘The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto’.

The previous piece yielded an impressive 32-page solution, requiring 12 individual puzzles, linked together, to be solved.

Unleash your puzzle talent, dive deep down the rabbit hole and be richly rewarded!

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