Test the iOS version of Zap!

The development of various lightning wallets is in full swing. There are several parties who are all building their own vision of the future of bitcoin, on top of the lightning network. This includes Zap, Jack Mallers’ iOS lightning wallet. Zap’s motto shares the same vision that Bitonic had with its motto. With the motto “bitcoin for everyone”, bitonic wanted to make bitcoin available to everyone. This worked. Zap’s motto is:

Making bitcoin usable for everyone.

Just as important as availability and accessibility is user-friendliness, and the Zap team is making good progress here. A very important role in the development of the lightning network. In a tweet, one of Zap’s developers calls on enthusiastic future users to help test the iOS version of the Zap lightning wallet.

We have been waiting for a while for the ready-to-use Android and iOS wallets with which you can get started with the lightning network without too much effort. This is your chance to contribute to Zap’s final product. On this page you can find all the information you need to download the app and start testing. The app can be used on both testnet and the main bitcoin network in combination with your own node. Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback.

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